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AI Playground you can run from your laptop πŸš€

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Every developer building with AI has felt like this.

Wrangling APIs for different models and moving from one-off playgrounds to production code has become one of the biggest pains of generative AI development.

But what if there was a way to streamline all this complexity?

Introducing AIConfig Editor - an AI Playground that you can run directly from your laptop.

This playground is a one-stop solution to manage multiple AI models, effortlessly compare their results, and smoothly transition your hard work from the prototype stage to production.

All your work is backed to a config JSON that can then be used in code with the AIConfig SDK.

Open the editor whenever you want to edit your prompts in the config - without having to touch ur code or config!

Try it now!

  1. pip3 install python-aiconfig
  2. export OPENAI_API_KEY='your-key'
  3. aiconfig edit

Please star our repo:

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  • Use any from OpenAI, HuggingFace, Anyscale, and more.
  • Supports text, image, and audio models (local or remote)
  • Run models on same prompt
  • Create prompt templates
  • Chain models in UI
  • All prompts/settings from UI are saved to config which can be used with an SDK in code


Please give us a star on Github to support our open-source project:

Happy coding!!

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Ranjan Dailata

Thank you for releasing the AiConfig editor. This was a much awaiting and required one for all kind of users :)

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tanya rai

Thank you! Will be sharing more about the Editor - it makes it super easy to edit aiconfigs and use them in code.