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Playground for Generative AI

Today I came across a tweet from @umesh_ai that shared a prompt for "ultra-detailed sculpture" using DALL-E3. You had to replace the text for object to get your results. It was incredible to see what people created!! But it wasn't super easy to keep trying different objects...


I wanted to make it easy for people to easy enter in an object and run the prompt with DALL-E3 - maybe even try different models too.

I created an AI Workbook that takes in the prompt from the tweet so you can play around with it!

Check out this marble hedgehog -


Try it yourself:

AI Workbooks: A Developer's Sandbox for AI

AI Workbooks is an open-source, multi-modal platform that serves as a sandbox for developers to experiment with AI models. It's a place where you can parameterize prompts for DALL-E 3 and other models, fine-tuning the inputs to achieve the desired artistic output.

The Developer's Workflow with the AI Workbook

The AI Workbook is designed with a developer-first approach. Its intuitive UI makes it accessible for those new to AI, while still offering the depth required by experienced developers. The ability to switch between AI models, compare outputs, and iterate on prompts is akin to refining code—each adjustment brings you closer to the optimal solution.

When you're happy with your prompts/model settings, you can just download the AIConfig from the workbook - JSON config that you can easily use in your application code.

Check out prompt templates and the AIConfig framework here:

Explore Multi-Modal Capabilities

The AI Workbook's potential extends beyond visual art. It's a multi-modal platform where you can experiment with text, image, and audio models including the latest models like GPT4-V and DALL-E3 to name a couple. This opens up possibilities to so many applications.

This multi-modal approach encourages developers to explore the intersection of different AI capabilities, fostering innovation and inspiring new ways to engage with technology.

The AI Workbook is a testament to the power of open-source tools in democratizing AI and enabling developers to explore new frontiers of AI.

⭐️ Support Open-Source ⭐️

Would really appreciate if you could star our open-source project AIConfig - the data model behind this workbook!


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Ranjan Dailata

Amazing workbook. I believe with the multi-modal capabilities and the AiConfig, things are going to rock in the year 2024 :)

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tanya rai

Thank you!!! We're super excited to see where AIConfig goes!