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Video tutorial: No-code payments with Payment Links & NFC tags

What you'll learn

On this episode of Stripe Developer Office Hours, Mike Bifulco (@irreverentmike - that's me!) and Matthew Ling (@mattling_dev) demonstrate how you can use Stripe Payment Links with affordable, off-the-shelf NFC tags to make in-person payments a breeze.

The steps we follow are detailed in our recent tutorial article: No-code payments: How to use Stripe with customized NFC tags.

Who this is for

You'll benefit from this tutorial if you're looking to accept payments for any of the products or services you're building.

This is also a fully no-code implementation, which means that it should be accessible to devs and non-technical folks alike.

Let's talk

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Discussion (2)

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Erika Santos • Edited on

That's interesting! I've been trying to make something like this myself. I've tried some no-code apps like Frontly and it's saving me a lot of time so far. Check the demo apps here:

irreverentmike profile image
Mike Bifulco Author

Love a good no-code solution!