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Stripe Developer Digest Sessions 2024

Stripe Sessions recap

Stripe Sessions 2024 was our biggest event yet—with over 6,000 attendees, 50 product launches, and one six-foot AI-manufactured marble statue. In case you missed it, you can watch all the talks on demand. Highlights include:


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Manage usage-based billing: Stripe Billing now offers the Meters API to store, calculate, and charge customers on a per-usage basis.

Embed 17 new components for Connect: Drop HTML or React embedded components into your site for Connect onboarding, account management, payouts, and more.

Provision feature access: Stripe Billing added the Entitlements API, so you can check the status of a user’s subscription and see what features they can access.

Entitlements API

Route payments to multiple payment processors: The new Vault and Forward API enables you to use Stripe products, such as the Payment Element, even if you process payments with other providers.

Import 3D Secure results: Use external 3D Secure authentication results within Stripe payments by passing card details and cryptogram directly to the Payment Intents API.

Unify multiple Stripe accounts into an organization: Request an invite to more easily manage multiple entities or product lines across multiple Stripe accounts with Organizations.

Collect in-person payments offline: Terminal iOS and Android SDKs now support offline mode (in beta) so you can save payment information at the time of sale during an unexpected outage.

Preview an invoice: Let customers modify, understand, and choose between available product packages by previewing an invoice prior to generation with the new createPreview method.


Stripe Insiders

Join Stripe Insiders, our new early access program, to try the latest products and provide direct feedback to the teams building them. Current betas include Stripe’s new developer tools—Workbench, Sandboxes, and Event Destinations—and Stripe’s extension for VS Code.


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techt01ia profile image

While it is possible to accept subscriptions via Checkout Session with iDEAL, Bancontact and Sofort payment methods, why is this not possible with Stripe Subscriptions(Stripe Billing) and Stripe Payment Element? Can you add this feature to it?