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March Stripe Developer Digest

Workbench, our new developer tool to help you build, manage, and debug your Stripe integration, is now in public beta. Improve your daily workflows with the inspector (to show the underlying JSON for any object in the Dashboard), shell (for an integrated command-line environment), and other powerful features.

Workbench in Stripe Dashboard

With Workbench, we wanted to give developers a universal pane that surfaces the right information at the right time to help you work faster. Now, from anywhere in the Dashboard you can quickly understand how you use the Stripe API and how it operates under the hood.

On April 4, we talked with engineers from Slack and Notion on the @stripedev YouTube channel to learn how to get the most out of Workbench. I hope you try it soon, and look forward to hearing your feedback.


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Create custom and dynamic cards: Stripe Issuing lets you programmatically create and manage custom cards with two new API resources, personalization design and physical bundle.

Request 3DS support for Checkout sessions: Add an extra layer of security by manually requesting 3D Secure authentication for payment, subscription, and setup mode sessions.

Build no-code invoicing and subscription automations: Create automations using triggers to perform actions, such as canceling a subscription after a grace period.


Reconnect Terminal readers automatically: Improve user experience with the autoReconnectOnUnexpectedDisconnect parameter.

Support Tap to Pay on iPhone in Australia and the United Kingdom: Accept in-person payments using only an iPhone—now available in five countries.

Create customer tax IDs programmatically: Add tax IDs to customer and account objects via API in addition to the ability to create account tax IDs in the Stripe Dashboard.

Make async requests in the beta release of stripe-python: The stripe-python beta channel now has built-in support for async control flow, backed by the httpx or aiohttp http libraries.

Python async control flow

Offer Apple Pay Later: Businesses in the United States can now use Apple Pay Later to support installment payments.

Add Link as a payment method to Android: Support Link, Stripe's accelerated checkout, in the PaymentSheet by turning on the payment method settings.

Receive instant payouts in Australia: Instant payouts are now available for Stripe accounts in Australia, Canada, the United States, Singapore, and the United Kingdom.



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