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February Stripe Developer Digest

Stripe Sessions 2024

Stripe Sessions, our biggest user conference yet, is coming to San Francisco this April. Join us and fellow members of the developer community for two packed days of learning and collaboration.

Sessions is a perfect opportunity to get hands-on developer training with the latest Stripe tools like Workbench, hear new product announcements, and watch ambitious live demos. While there’s so much to look forward to, the chat between Nvidia's Jensen Huang and our own Patrick Collison is top of my list.

I hope you can make it—make sure to use the code Developer50 for 50% off your conference pass.


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Get answers from Stripe Docs AI: Ask Stripe Docs questions and get GPT-powered responses—available for all logged-in users.

Use Connect onboarding components: Connect account onboarding components are now available for React or HTML embeds to onboard customers in 46 supported countries.

Set Issuing card PINs: All cards issued by Stripe Issuing now have PINs; set a card's initial PIN during card creation with the pin[encrypted_number] field.

Reach Swedish customers with Swish: We now support Swish, Sweden's most popular finance app, as a real-time payment method. You can turn on automatic currency conversion to always have the latest payment methods optimized for your customers.

Simplify end-of-month billing cycles: The Subscription Create API billing_cycle_anchor_config parameter sets the billing cycle anchor by using only the desired month and day. You can now set billing dates during short months or, for instance, an upcoming leap day with ease.

Instantiate StripeClient in the Python SDK: Stripe-python v8.0.0 introduced StripeClient, upgrading from a single global configuration to enable multiple thread-safe instances.


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fmerian profile image
flo merian

really looking forward to attending Stripe Sessions!

we're proud to sponsor it at Clerk. stop by our booth to learn more about our new features (see sneak peek here) and get some (awesome) swag!