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Day 96/100 Data Types


Seven fundamental data types:

  • Number: Any number, including numbers with decimals: 4, 8, 1516, 23.42.
  • String: Any grouping of characters on your keyboard (letters, numbers, spaces, symbols, etc.) surrounded by single quotes: ' ... ' or double quotes " ... ". Though we prefer single quotes. Some people like to think of string as a fancy word for text.
  • Boolean: This data type only has two possible values— either true or false (without quotes). It’s helpful to think of booleans as on and off switches or as the answers to a “yes” or “no” question.
  • Null: This data type represents the intentional absence of a value, and is represented by the keyword null (without quotes).
  • Undefined: This data type is denoted by the keyword undefined (without quotes). It also represents the absence of a value though it has a different use than null.
  • Symbol: A newer feature to the language, symbols are unique identifiers, useful in more complex coding. No need to worry about these for now.
  • Object: Collections of related data.

Code Snippets

var prices = [1.23, 48.11, 90.11, 8.50, 9.99, 1.00, 1.10, 67.00];

prices[0] = 2.33;
prices[2] = 99.00;
prices[6] = 3.00;

for (var index = 0; index<prices.length; index++){
    else if(index===2){
    else if(index===6){

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