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Day 81/100 Variables

A value must be placed in the correct form of structure to be utilized efficiently. It uses a known method to gather data and names stored and updated in memory.



To learn more about variables take on these challenges!

  • Create variables and manipulate the values

  • Check what happens when you try concatenating strings using variables of different data types

  • Interpolate multiple variables into a string

  • See what happens when you use console.log() on variables declared by different keywords (const, let, var) before they’re defined. For example:


const test1 = 'figuring out quirks';
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  • Find the data type of a variable’s value using the typeofkeyword on a variable.

  • Use typeof to find the data type of the resulting value when you concatenate variables containing two different data types.

Code Snippets

const myPet = 'armadillo';
console.log(`I own a pet ${myPet}.`);
// Output: I own a pet armadillo.
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a11y myths

Accessibility only affects a small group of users

Not that small. Around 15% of the world's population, or estimated 1 billion people, live with disabilities, they are the world's largest minority. The number of people with disability is dramatically increasing.


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