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PyLadies Dublin

PyLadies Dublin: Shipping Python Apps using Podman / Collaborative documentation as code with Git, Mkdocs and Pandoc

whykay 👩🏻‍💻🐈🏳️‍🌈 (she/her)
Volunteer: Coder, tech event organiser, mentor, advocates diversity in tech | Working as Community Lead (Resident Tech Mystic 🦄) @ Yard
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❤️ A huge thank you for all those who attended and interested in our recent PyLadies Dublin meetup as well as being patient as the audio technical difficulties at the start of one of our speakers talk (it was a problem at my end 😅).

🍿 Alternatively you missed it or want to re-watch it (I've added chapters):

👏 To Elfin and Mihai for speaking and helping us out at such short notice, and this would not have happened if my co-organiser Lei hadn't reached out for speakers for me. Thank you all so much, and not forgetting Mick who ran up 2 flight of stairs to see what was going on with my audio. 😆

🙌 But it all worked out in the end, even with gremlins running amuck but we kept rolling and all's well that ends well, wrapping up with Elfin coming back to explain how she solved an earlier issue when doing live demos! Yes, it was all live demos at this meetup! It was all very amazing!

📢 Announcements from the evening can be found here:

🗓 Next PyLadies Dublin
pyladies dublin jul

📢 Call for Speakers (from Sep onwards)

🤔 If you have ideas for talks, workshops, something we haven't done before, or general questions of any kind, drop us an email at

Again, I would like to thank everyone for your interest and attending our live-streams, please like and subscribe to our Youtube channel and hit that 🔔 to know when our next one goes live. Your support is much appreciated. If you missed the live-stream, don't worry, it's in our playlist so you can watch it in your own time (or re-watch it).

TALK 1: Shipping Python Apps using Podman by Elif Mosessohn-Samedin


A quick introduction to Ansible and Red Hat Container Tools for Pythonistas. Building and running Python applications using Podman. Exploring the manner containers benefit developers.

About Elif Mosessohn-Samedin

DevOps (Automation) Engineer with experience in Infrastructure Optimization and Management. Red Hat Certified Architect in Infrastructure. Advocate for Continuous Learning, Open Source Communities, and Technical Innovation. Espresso Addict.

TALK 2: Collaborative documentation as code with Git, Mkdocs and Pandoc by Mihai Criveti


Authoring documentation, presentations and blogs with multiple collaborators using an open framework and CI/CD.

Understanding mkdocs and pandoc. Authoring presentations using markdown, LaTeX and pandoc.

Setting up Git for multiple authors, with CODEOWNERS and pull requests.

Using make, GitHub, TravisCI to automate the publishing process.
Containerized doc builds with pandoc and kubernetes.

About Mihai Criveti

Mihai Criveti is the CTO for Cloud Native and Red Hat Solutions at IBM, and a Red Hat Certified Architect, supporting clients with Open Source technologies.


18:30 - 18:35 Event Starts / Settle down with cup of tea/coffee
18:35 - 18:45 Welcome & Announcements by Vicky
18:45 - 19:00 Shipping Python Apps using Podman by Elif Mosessohn-Samedin
19:00 - 19:15 Collaborative documentation as code with Git, Mkdocs and Pandoc by Mihai Criveti
19:15 - 19:30 Q&A
19:25 - 19:30 Anything else to wrap up with from anyone in audience?
19:30 Event ends


Interested in speaking at our upcoming meetups, please submit talk details to:

If you have referrals of speakers you want us to invite, let us know also, being a virtual event helps close the boundaries of inviting speakers further afield than Ireland. 😊


💌 Email:



Q. I'm not female, is it ok for me to attend?

A. Yes, PyLadies Dublin events are open to everyone at all levels.

Q. What do you do at PyLadies Dublin Meetups?

A. We have short (or long talks), demos, folks working on their own projects, ask questions on Python-related topics, work on projects together or generally chit-chat and meet like-minded people.

Q. Do you have a Code of Conduct?

A. Yes, you can find it at

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