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PyLadies Dublin September Meetup: Lifelogging || Sentiment Analysis

thank you

❤️ Thank you for your interest and attending our live-stream last week, if you missed it or want to re-watch it above (and you can 👍 and subscribe to our Youtube channel:

👏 A huge thanks to our speakers Liting Zhou and Chenyang Lyu. If you have any questions for them and any of our past speakers, send them on and I will forward it on to them.

🌈 Of course I can't do this without ever awesome co-organisers Lei and Mick's help each month.

🦄 And to our community partners: Coding Grace (Zoom), ImagiLabs, PSF (Meetup) and PyLadies

📌 Announcements, CFPs, other events, etc. can be found via our notion page.

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🗓 The next PyLadies Dublin is a special international collaboration with PyLadies Paris.

It will be 🔴 live-streamed and you can RSVP (so we know how many is interested*) on meetup and don't forget to hit that 🔔 when the live-stream goes live.

(*this will help us plan future events and see what interests people have in our various events, all the Yes and No RSVPs helps a lot, thank you.)

call for speakers


📢 Call for speakers for Nov (our last PyLadies Dublin for 2021)

📢 PyjamaConf CFP

If you have ideas for talks, workshops, something we haven't done before, or general questions of any kind, drop us an email at

See you next month.

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