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Creative coding in Python by Beatrice Ionascu (CTO & Co-Founder, ImagiLabs)

PyLadies Dublin 2021

We were really excited to have guest speaker, Beatrice Ionascu, who is the Co-Founder and CTO at imagiLabs who spoke to us all the way from Sweden! 🌈

Note: This is a cleaned up video due to tech gremlin glitches...

From wrong live stream to forgot to reroute audio for one of my guests. You can find both the live-streamed (with live chat replay) and the cleaned up version on our YouTube Channel.

But everyone was so patient and supportive, thank you for sticking with us. I had it all planned perfectly but as with all plans... AND thank you also to Mick and Lei for their support as always, the community rocks! ❀️

I'd like to shout out to our sponsors:

  • Dublin Maker - Overall support and use of Zoom for our calls
  • Manning Publications - Continued offer of their 35% discount with code mtppyladies20 when you visit (valid till Feb 15)

πŸ“’ Announcements

You can find these announcements that I went through during the event in this πŸ“ shared pad

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πŸŽ™The Talk Details Itself

Talk Description

Through the lens of the work we’re doing at imagiLabs, I will present an approach of teaching coding to children and teenagers in a way that engages girls in particular. I will explain how computer science and Python basics that are normally taught as part of introductory computer science classes can be combined with creativity, self-expression, and a community in order to create a welcoming environment and an intriguing coding experience. I will show how we follow the constructionist and constructivist theories in education, in which discovery learning, β€œbuilding” knowledge, personal exploration, and relevant learning are instrumental. I will discuss how at imagiLabs we have developed a curriculum around these principles and the findings of our own user-centered research. Finally, I will show some of our Creative coding in Python activities in action. Come ready to get creative, get inspired, and learn how you can express yourself through code!

About Beatrice Ionascu

Beatrice is the co-founder and CTO of imagiLabs. She’s an engineer and an educator and believes that technology education is the key to create a better world. A diversity advocate, she strives to inspire and empower girls through imagiLabs.

Finally imagiLabs are offering a discount when you visit their online store using the following code: CODINGGRACE15

See you at our Feb Meetup

PyLadies Dublin 2021 (1)

Nandita Sharma will be talking about how she "used NLP technology to categories news types under respective category automatically using word embedding and Deep learning LSTM.
For example : if there are news about beauty or about cricket then machine will automatically filter it's input under category of personal care or sports."


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