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PyLadies Dublin July Meetup: FastAPI, Lambdas, PyTest and other cool things

Thank you

Thanks to all for your interest and attending our event this month, if you missed it or want to re-watch it here or via

🦄 Big thanks to Bojan who shared his insights on FastAPI, Lambdas, PyTest and other cool things, and he's happy to talk about this all all things Python and startup-related. He also presented at EuroPython this week, you can find his sessions along with others via (for those who didn't attend EuroPython, they will put up videos in the coming weeks at their Youtube channel

🌈 A quick shout out to our community partners, Two Scoops Press and Imagilabs.

🙌 Of course I can't do this without Lei and Mick's help each month.

👏 Winners of our live raffle

Congrats to our two* winners of US$50 Discount for Two Scoops Press book(s), Teri and Laura! Enjoy the book(s)!
(last min change of plans as we only had two entrants to the live raffle and instead of giving away 1 discount, I decided to give both away!)

📰 Announcements can be found here:

🗓 Next PyLadies Dublin

We are delighted to have speakers from Optum at our next event

  • Tue Aug 17, 18:30 - 19:30
  • Talk 1: Text Classification using HuggingFace Transformers by Olga Minguett
  • Talk 2: PySpark 101: Tips and Tricks by Sahana Hegde
  • Live Raffle

📢 Call for speakers (From Oct onwards)

want to present?
Interested in speaking or know someone who has something awesome to show at our upcoming meetups, send them on via

any ideas, email us
If you have ideas for talks, workshops, something we haven't done before, or general questions of any kind, drop us an email at

thank you
Again, I would like to thank everyone for your interest and attending our live-streams, please like and subscribe to our [Youtube channel]) and hit that 🔔 to be notified when we schedule our next live-stream.

See you next at next meetup

Have a great bank holiday weekend!

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