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Software Engineer at Qovery

A month after switching from Slack to Discord in a remote-first tech startup

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5 min read

How to deploy your next Rails app with PostgreSQL on the cloud

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Productive and simple way to deploy Dockerized applications

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Deploying Django with PostgreSQL to the cloud

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What are your organization's security requirements regarding Kubernetes workloads?

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Do you use a monorepo?

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How to build and deploy realtime GraphQL APIs in a few minutes

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Learn with opensource - Appwish status update

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OpenID Connect, SPA and backend APIs - Authentication in modern web applications

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React, GraphQL, gRPC and Reactive Microservices - the dataflow in Appwish platform explained

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Contribute to Gatsby & get free SWAG

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React, Reactive Microservices, Kubernetes, GraphQL & gRPC - Appwish - Fullstack Tutorial Series & Opensource Project Update #1

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React blog built & deployed in 10 minutes

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In 2020, dark or light should be the default theme?

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What are design patterns?

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