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Learn with opensource - Appwish status update

Hello everyone! After a long time of silence, I've got an update of Appwish status for you. If somebody is not familiar with Appwish yet, let me first describe the idea behind it:

A lot of people have amazing ideas that could spark a lot of changes in our lives, but because they lack the knowledge to make such projects, they just let it go.

Appwish isn't an app or a project. It's a community full of people from diverse industries across the globe united to make the world a better place.

Appwish lets you express your great ideas and make them reality.

This is our vision and mission. Appwish was started in a post on and is built with open-source at heart - all we do is transparent, anyone can join and contribute. Most of the things we do are documented in a series of posts on and on our Github. If you are willing to do more, grow your software engineering skills and build something great - Appwish is a place for you.

Backend Status

At the moment we are at the stage of adding the first APIs to our GraphQL server. The backend is still in early stages but the hardest part of doing research, setting up GraphQL server and connecting it to our backend gRPC microservices stack is done. The progress of building our APIs should be much faster now.

We have also successfully deployed Appwish microservices and UI to a new, developer-friendly CaaS platform - Qovery - which is very kind to let us host Appwish there. If you need a way to deploy your apps with ease, I strongly recommend taking a look.

Frontend Status

We have created the first mockups of the landing page and web application. They're not perfect but I hope good enough to let us get started with the UI.

As an example, you can see the mockup of our landing page. If you wish to contribute in building it, feel free to assign yourself to the task on Github or ask me a question on Slack.

We are also creating a skeleton of our UI web application with React and Next.js. We're adding the most essential logic like authentication (with Google OpenID Connect) and navigation to enable working on different parts of the UI parallelly.

Contribute & Grow as a Software Engineer with us

Appwish is a great place to develop your software engineering skills.
Seize this opportunity and be a part of our amazing community. There's definitely something for you to work on irrespectively of your background. We believe in diversity and that's why Appwish is built using modern technologies like gRPC, Vert.x, GraphQL just to mention a few.

Your contribution could go a long way, impacting many people out there and helping realize their dreams into working solutions.

Join me and dozens of other developers on Slack and Github and let's get those ideas out of dreams into reality.

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