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What I've been reading (week 52, 2022)

Each week I share a few things that I've been reading. Here's seven from this week:

The Safari bug that never was

An example of how frontenders at GDS tracked down a Safari text layout bug, put together an A++ bug report, and worked with WebKit to fix it. I like the idea of inviting an engineer from WebKit to talk about the cause of the bug once it's sorted, a nice way of closing the loop.

Mobbing Pattern Language

A list of patterns and antipatterns for mob/ensemble programming

Concepts behind modern frameworks

A good summary of the different things that we get from frontend frameworks (state, reactivity, memoisation, templating etc), and how they differ between them.

Storybook and Mock Service Worker, a match made in heaven

Saving this for future use!

Dynamic LCP Priority: Learning from Past Visits

A Philip Walton blog post is always good, and this one is no exception. It's a smart use of client-side Core Web Vital reporting with a Cloudflare edge-y backend (worker and KV store) to monitor LCP images and dynamically add priority hints via the HTML.

Fun CSS-only scrolling effects for Matterday

It's that time of year again where Lynn Fisher updates their personal site design ๐Ÿ˜ I spotted this nice how-to article on classy CSS-only scroll animations from when Lynn worked at Netflix.

Get off the main thread with an inline web worker: an example

This is great! A nice trick to keep all your related code in one file, but still be able to use Web Workers by putting the worker code into a Blob, then creating a URL from that Blob, then using that URL as the source of the Worker.

I also tweet these as I find them (@philw_) and post them on my personal site at

What were your favourites? Was there anything you found useful?

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