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What I've been reading (week 42, 2022)

Here's four blog posts or other links that I liked this week…

Service Worker Side Rendering (SWSR) [with Astro]

Ignoring the bundle size issue (which makes this more of an experiment than anything production-ready) this is a super cool idea!

Component Party

A gallery of how to do the same sort of thing (set state, update state, loop over things, target a DOM node, manage forms etc) in different frontend frameworks/libraries, and a really nice example of the verbosity of some compared to others (naming no names…)

Why We're Breaking Up with CSS-in-JS

I never understood how runtime CSS-in-JS became a thing, and I'm grateful for never having to use it. This is a damning post from a contributor to Emotion (a React CSS-in-JS library) on how their team has given up on the idea and moved to (S)CSS modules and utility classes.

When life gives you lemons, write better error messages

A cool post on how Wix reviewed potentially 7,643 error messages to make sure they were specific and helpful enough for their users. A nice collaboration between writers, designers, and developers.

I also tweet these as I find them (@philw_) and post them on my personal site at

What were your favourites? Was there anything you found useful?

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