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What I've been reading (week 7, 2023)

Each week I share a few things that I've been reading. Here's five from this week:

How Netlify Uses Storybook for Visual Regression Testing

The case for frameworks

Laurie Voss's response to Alex Russell's React blog post. I think my view is somewhere between the two of them. React and SPAs were irresponsibly marketed for a decade, and a generation of developers will have started off thinking that Create React App was an appropriate way to build a blog or portfolio site, but I don't think there was much malice behind it, just poor choices at the time and the economic factors that Laurie talks about.

Web Applications 101

At work we're moving from a CSR SPA to a Next.js site, and I imagine some of my team will have never worked on a non-SPA site before. I'm going to take a look at this post and see what bits to borrow when we talk more about the difference between different types of sites/apps.

Tackling TypeScript

A big free HTML book (paid-for versions also available to support the author) on TypeScript

How to create a Next.js app with serverless

SST looks like a really interesting project for running Next sites on AWS

I also tweet these as I find them (@philw_) and post them on my personal site at

What were your favourites? Was there anything you found useful?

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