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What I've been reading (week 41, 2022)

Each week I share a few things that I've been reading. Here's seven from this week:

Introducing OG Image Generation: Fast, dynamic social card images at the Edge

This looks very cool! Hopefully, it won't be too long before someone uses the core engine ( to make a similar product that works as well on Cloudflare Workers or Netlify Edge Functions as this does on Vercel's platform.

Design Systems For Figma

A big collection of Figma design systems from companies like Atlassian, Uber, Airtable, IBM, Slack, Figma themselves, and Salesforce.

Flood warning finds its voice

The Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales switched their text-to-speech provider to Amazon Polly, and their costs for the service went from £40,000 to less than £1,000 🤑

Building a Next-Level Code Playground / Sandbox / REPL with Sandpack

Sandpack looks great! I can see this being really useful for making a component/library demo/playground page when something like Storybook would be a bit more than was required. Thank you CodeSandbox team for open-sourcing it! 💖

How to fetch data in React with performance in mind

I really like Nadia's posts. This has given me an idea for something to try on to slightly speed up a vital HTTP request made in our routing file. We used to use a prefetch for this, but had to stop after introducing a version header to the API we use.

First-class Vite support in Storybook

Boom! I am excited about more and more tools moving to a post-Webpack, ESBuild/Rollup/Vite foundation. I don't use Storybook at work at the moment and I miss it, so I might add the Vite-ified to my personal site instead to stay in the loop.

Notes on synthetic speech

An interesting post on the evolution of different types of synthetic speech, and how the answer isn't yet to throw machine learning at the problem (or not until it can run locally rather than in the cloud, at least)

I also tweet these as I find them (@philw_) and post them on my personal site at

What were your favourites? Was there anything you found useful?

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Murtaza Hashwani

That's great, I will also read all these stuffs.