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Who's looking for open source contributors? (week 62)

We're coming to the end of week one of Hacktoberfest! I don't know about you, but I've been really excited to talk to some new contributors who are thinking beyond green squares and are becoming part of the open source community with meaningful participation and goals to grow. Let's help them find more opportunities to contribute!

Tell us about your project

Promote your project by providing a link to the repo. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always πŸ˜„

Open Source should be a welcoming space for contributors. The README is the front door of your project. If you'd like to check out an example of a README, here's our OpenSauced/insights README.

If you submit please have the following in your repo to make it welcoming and helpful for contributors:


Feel free to drop your issues and repos in the OpenSauced Discord #πŸ‘€-looking-for-contributors channel at any time!

If you're new to open source, and you're not sure where to start, check out our Intro to Open Source course and our Hacktoberfest series.

Finally, consider reading our Maintainer Series.

Just a note to say we've restarted this post from something Ben was doing for a while :star-struck:

Happy contributing!

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Saurabh Rai


We at Swirl are looking for some fantastic community members and contributors. Also, participate in Hacktoberfest with Swirl. There are Swags up to $100 for contributing.

Join our Slack, and to know more, check out this blog .

GitHub logo swirlai / swirl-search

Swirl is open-source software that uses AI to simultaneously search multiple content and data sources and return AI ranked results which can be used to prompt Generative AI, enabling you to get answers based on your own data.




Swirl is open source software that simultaneously searches multiple content sources and returns AI ranked results. Prompt your choice of Generative AI using the top N results to get answers incorporating your own data.

Swirl can connect to:

  • Databases (SQL & NoSQL, Google BigQuery)
  • Public data services (Google Programmable Search,, etc.)
  • Enterprise sources (Microsoft 365, Jira, Miro etc.)

And generate insights with AI and LLMs like ChatGPT. Start discovering and generating the answers you need based on your data.

Swirl is as simple as ABC: (a) Download YML, (b) Start in Docker, (c) Search with Swirl. From there, add credentials to preloaded SearchProviders to get results from more sources.

πŸš€ Try Swirl with ChatGPT

Swirl with ChatGPT as a configured AI Model

Swirl with ChatGPT as a configured…

Thanks, Bekah, for your post.

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OpenSourcee • Edited

Hey there, open source enthusiasts! 🌟

If you're stoked about Hacktoberfest just like I am, and you're eager to contribute to a project that's essentially aiming to be the WordPress for React, look no further! Introducing WebCrumbs.

Why WebCrumbs?

  1. Simplicity: We believe in taking the hassle out of web development.
  2. Flexibility: Built on React, it's versatile and highly customizable.
  3. Community-Driven: We value each contribution, no matter how big or small.

We're on the lookout for contributors who can help us with anything, from idea generation, UI/UX Design, frontend and backend development.

Our README and CONTRIBUTING guides are comprehensive and beginner-friendly, making it easier for you to hop on board.

So if you're new to open source or a seasoned pro, we welcome you to join our journey. Star our GitHub repository and become part of a project that's engineered for the community, by the community.

Quick first step: Don't forget to ⭐ our repository WebCrumbs and keep an eye on the issues tab for areas where you can pitch in.

Cheers to a fantastic Hacktoberfest and meaningful contributions! πŸŽ‰

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Fury: We are are looking for some fantastic community contributors for building blazing fast and easy-to-use jit-based multi-language serialization frameworks: