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Who's looking for open source contributors? (week 45)

Open Source is about the community. Whether you have a project or you're looking to make your first PR, we want to help facilitate those connections.

Tell us about your project

Promote your project by providing a link to the repo. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always 😄

Open Source should be a welcoming space for contributors. The README is the front door of your project. If you'd like to check out an example of a README, here's our OpenSauced/insights README.

If you submit please have the following in your repo to make it welcoming and helpful for contributors:


Feel free to drop your issues and repos in the OpenSauced Discord #👀-looking-for-contributors channel at any time!

If you're new to open source, and you're not sure where to start, check out our Intro to Open Source course.

Finally, consider reading the Best Practices for Maintainers.

Just a note to say, we've restarted this post from something Ben was doing for a while :star-struck:

Happy coding!

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Ben Halpern

We've got lots marked ready for dev.

Contribute to Forem (code behind DEV) by making a small dent in a bug or feature 😄

liyasthomas profile image
Liyas Thomas

We are building an open source {free} Postman alternative: Hoppscotch - API request builder for web.

GitHub logo hoppscotch / hoppscotch

👽 Open source API development ecosystem -

viksok profile image
Viktor Sokyrko

I recall there was LinkedIn's home-grown library Hopscotch

andreluisoliveira profile image
André Oliveira

VSCode Luminescence Theme

This high-contrast theme is vastly easier on the eyes and reduces eye strain.

  • Improved focus while coding
  • Enhanced code readability
  • Reduced eye strain during extended coding sessions
  • A visually appealing interface


bekahhw profile image

oh, that's gorgeous!

nareshchandanbatve profile image
Naresh Chandanbatve

We bridge the physical gap between a tailor and the customers through our platform, providing customers with a choice of tailors and tailors with an increased reach for customers. We are a team of enthusiasts hoping to bring the tailor community online and introduce them to the benefits of online business.



webjose profile image
José Pablo Ramírez Vargas

Not even 4 hours ago, I released the first experimental version of a Vite plug-in that easily makes Vite + XXX projects single-spa compliant.


It is inspired by the findings I keep blogging about here

jayaw profile image
jay walsh

Want to democratize commerce? Get involved in the dev community with the most-used (and 100% open source!) ecommerce platform on the internet, WooCommerce.

WooCommerce is a fully open-source plugin for WordPress used by over 4 million shops. Work with us to build new functionality, create custom extensions, increase localization, develop mobile apps, and much more.

ignatandrei profile image
Andrei Ignat

VIsual API - swagger to LowCode -

sebastian_wessel profile image
Sebastian Wessel

I am developing a TypeScript backend framework called PURISTA, that enables the creation of highly modular solutions using event-driven patterns.
This approach grants you the freedom to choose how you deploy your solution.
You can deploy it as a monolithic application, for instance, on an edge device, as a distributed system of microservices, or even as a single lambda function in the cloud.

The main goal is, to let developers focus on implementing business logic and to be able to scale the development as soon as a project grows.


You can find some information about PURISTA here:
The need for a new backend framework

corporatefounder profile image

Imagine a world where wars have become a rarity and unemployment and inflation have become history that you will never encounter again.
A world where votes are not manipulated and where elected representatives are honest. Where there is practically no corruption left in high positions and each of you can easily travel to different countries using a single currency.

I created a new economic model. and a unique electoral system. This system guarantees the protection of you from dangerous and radical representatives in power. And the economic model with demurrage of money creates conditions when there is no unemployment and at the same time there is no high inflation.
It uses both direct democracy and representative parliamentary democracy. I will be very glad if you read the documentation.

my discord
This part of the code runs on a local disk and you can mine immediately, it connects to a server whose source code is also available and one such server has already been raised.

server storage

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GitHub logo ZigRazor / CXXGraph

Header-Only C++ Library for Graph Representation and Algorithms




codecov CodeFactor

GitHub license GitHub release

Generic badge Generic badge Generic badge

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Join the chat at

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CXXGraph is a small library, header only, that manages the Graph and it's algorithms in C++. In other words a "Comprehensive C++ Graph Library" An alternative to Boost Graph Library (BGL).

We are Looking for...

We are looking for:

  • Site Developer for the development of the CXXGraph site ( for the moment on GitHub Page );
  • Developers and Committers, also at first experience, we will guide you step by step to the open-source world!

If you are interested, please contact us at or contribute to this project. We are waiting for you!


Completed Description Date of Completition
✔️ First Optimization Apr 4, 2022
✔️ Add Benchmark for all algorithms Oct 5, 2022
✔️ Code Optimization Oct 5, 2022
✔️ Release 0.4.0 Oct 7, 2022
✔️ "Const" Code Review #155 Mar 23, 2023
✔️ Release 0.5.0 Mar 23, 2023