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Who's looking for open source contributors? (week 54)

Open Source thrives through shared efforts. Whether you're a newcomer or a veteran, we're here to encourage your contributions, motivate your endeavors, and provide valuable assistance to maintainers. Together, we are building amazing things!

Tell us about your project

Promote your project by providing a link to the repo. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always 😄

Open Source should be a welcoming space for contributors. The README is the front door of your project. If you'd like to check out an example of a README, here's our OpenSauced/insights README.

If you submit please have the following in your repo to make it welcoming and helpful for contributors:


Feel free to drop your issues and repos in the OpenSauced Discord #👀-looking-for-contributors channel at any time!

If you're new to open source, and you're not sure where to start, check out our Intro to Open Source course.

Finally, consider reading the Best Practices for Maintainers.

Just a note to say, we've restarted this post from something Ben was doing for a while :star-struck:

Happy contributing!

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srbhr profile image
Saurabh Rai

Yes, at Resume Matcher, we are looking for open-source contributors. A lot of new people I have mentored and helped already. I would love to help and mentor some more people in their Open-Source Journey.
Link to GitHub Repo:
And also, the Discord:

I'm srbhr on GitHub and on the server. Please ping me, and yes there are beginner friendly issues as well.

Looking forward to your contributions 🤗

bthomas22tech profile image

Hi I'm new to open source and would like to contribute.

srbhr profile image
Saurabh Rai

Hey @bthomas22tech that's great. Please join our discord and check the project on the above links. I would love to guide you through your OS journey.

fernando_rodrigues profile image
Fernando • Edited

We're looking for contributors for IDURAR on Github we are an open source node.js react.js project to contribute : IDURAR Open-source ERP CRM built with Node.js / React.js

IDURAR is a Open Source ERP/CRM (Invoice / Inventory / Accounting / HR) Based on Mern Stack (Node.js / Express.js / MongoDb / React.js ) with Ant Design (AntD) and Redux
GitHub Repository :

Open Source ERP / CRM

Hope you'all have a nice weekend and rest of the day <3

polymahh profile image
othmane elkantaoui

mern stack fun stack 😄

abukavictor profile image
Abuka-Victor • Edited

This looks interesting. I'm a MERN stack dev with TypeScript and I'd love to contribute to this. Do you have a discord?

andersonjoseph profile image
Anderson. J

shotbit is a NodeJS tool that allows you to extract movie scenes/shots easily

Image description

I'm looking for open source contributors who are interested in helping with the project:

bekahhw profile image

That looks cool!

chefgideon profile image

Hello, Anderson. J do you need any machine learning engineer in your project??

ben profile image
Ben Halpern

Lots of good issues ready-for-dev in the Forem repo if anyone wants to have a look!

highcenburg profile image
Vicente G. Reyes

Im having troubles running forem on my machine(windows)

andersonjoseph profile image
Anderson. J

fastify-hashids is a Fastify plugin that makes it easy to integrate Hashids into your routes, providing a convenient way to encode and decode data.

I'm looking for open source contributors who are interested in helping with the project:

devkiran profile image
Kiran Krishnan

We're looking for contributors for Next.js SaaS Starter Kit

fernando_rodrigues profile image

Looking good :)

haimantika profile image
haimantika mitra

Hi 👋 here from the Appwrite team!

Appwrite is an open-source backend as a service tool.

We have a lot of open and good-first issues , everybody is welcome to contribute -

azat_io profile image
Azat S.

We would be glad if you would like to participate in the translation of ESLint Plugin Perfectionist documentation. Primarily translations into Chinese and Japanese.

oshratn profile image
Oshrat Nir

We're looking for contributors to Kubescape.
Kubescape is a CNCF Sandbox project that started out as a #kubernetes misconfiguration scanner, but is growing to be the go-to prject for Kubernetes #security.
The folks at ARMO are lead maintainers, as Kubescape is the engine behind ARMO Platform. That said Kubescape continues to evolve and is an important OSS assest for securing many #Kuberentes environments.
Kubescape repo on Github; Additional ways to contact us

gianlucam76 profile image

Projectsveltos is a Kubernetes add-on controller designed for managing a group of Kubernetes clusters.

We are actively seeking open-source contributors who have a keen interest in contributing to the advancement of the project.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!

refact_ai profile image
Refact AI

we're at Refact! at

nikolahristov profile image
Nikola Hristov • Edited

Hey, we have a few pending issues at Would love to see someone contribute!

jankapunkt profile image
Jan Küster

The team behind is grateful for issues,PR, reviews and discussions.

We maintain a framework/database agnostic, RFC compliant and well tested OAuth2 server to rollout your own auth. Unofficial fork of the abandoned oauthjs

chschroeder profile image
Christopher Schröder

Small-Text provides state-of-the-art Active Learning for Text Classification.

This project has already achieved initial successes, but we have a lot more planned, and are therefore looking for contributors.

GitHub logo webis-de / small-text

Active Learning for Text Classification in Python

PyPI Conda Forge codecov Documentation Status Maintained Yes Contributions Welcome MIT License DOI Twitter URL

small-text logo

Active Learning for Text Classification in Python.

Installation | Quick Start | Contribution | Changelog | Docs

Small-Text provides state-of-the-art Active Learning for Text Classification Several pre-implemented Query Strategies, Initialization Strategies, and Stopping Critera are provided which can be easily mixed and matched to build active learning experiments or applications.

What is Active Learning?
Active Learning allows you to efficiently label training data in a small data scenario.


  • Provides unified interfaces for Active Learning so that you can easily mix and match query strategies with classifiers provided by sklearn, Pytorch, or transformers.
  • Supports GPU-based Pytorch models and integrates transformers so that you can use state-of-the-art Text Classification models for Active Learning.
  • GPU is supported but not required. In case of a CPU-only use case a lightweight installation only requires a minimal set of dependencies.
  • Multiple scientifically evaluated components are pre-implemented and ready to use (Query Strategies…
andersonjoseph profile image
Anderson. J

Hey! 👋 Currently the project needs more test cases, right now there's just one case but it would be nice to have more tests especially for when things should throw an error (missing input, invalid output path, etc)

Also, we can optimize a bit my dhash implementation by returning a binary string instead of returning an hex string and later converting it to binary.

I'll open a couple of issues later today providing more details about this