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Who's looking for open source contributors? (week 50)

Let's embrace the power of Open Source community! Whether you're embarking on your first project or already a valued contributor, let's uplift and continue your efforts by helping maintainers along the way.

Tell us about your project

Promote your project by providing a link to the repo. Everyone who posted in previous weeks is welcome back this week, as always 😄

Open Source should be a welcoming space for contributors. The README is the front door of your project. If you'd like to check out an example of a README, here's our OpenSauced/insights README.

If you submit please have the following in your repo to make it welcoming and helpful for contributors:


Feel free to drop your issues and repos in the OpenSauced Discord #👀-looking-for-contributors channel at any time!

If you're new to open source, and you're not sure where to start, check out our Intro to Open Source course.

Finally, consider reading the Best Practices for Maintainers.

Just a note to say, we've restarted this post from something Ben was doing for a while :star-struck:

Let's empower every contributor to reach their full potential in the open!

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Christopher Schröder

Small-Text provides state-of-the-art Active Learning for Text Classification.

This project has already achieved initial successes, but we have a lot more planned, and are therefore looking for contributors.

GitHub logo webis-de / small-text

Active Learning for Text Classification in Python

PyPI Conda Forge codecov Documentation Status Maintained Yes Contributions Welcome MIT License DOI Twitter URL

small-text logo

Active Learning for Text Classification in Python.

Installation | Quick Start | Contribution | Changelog | Docs

Small-Text provides state-of-the-art Active Learning for Text Classification Several pre-implemented Query Strategies, Initialization Strategies, and Stopping Critera are provided which can be easily mixed and matched to build active learning experiments or applications.

What is Active Learning?
Active Learning allows you to efficiently label training data in a small data scenario.


  • Provides unified interfaces for Active Learning so that you can easily mix and match query strategies with classifiers provided by sklearn, Pytorch, or transformers.
  • Supports GPU-based Pytorch models and integrates transformers so that you can use state-of-the-art Text Classification models for Active Learning.
  • GPU is supported but not required. In case of a CPU-only use case a lightweight installation only requires a minimal set of dependencies.
  • Multiple scientifically evaluated components are pre-implemented and ready to use (Query Strategies…
darkterminal profile image
Imam Ali Mustofa

Hello Punk!

I just finished writing my dream thesis, this repository contains the thesis titled "The Role of a Software Freestyle Engineer in Modern IT." The thesis explores the unique and vital role of a Software Freestyle Engineer in the context of contemporary information technology. It aims to understand the core responsibilities, versatile skill sets, and the value they bring to software development projects. The research delves into the evolution of software engineering practices, the emergence of agile methodologies, and the need for flexibility, creativity, and adaptability in the rapidly changing IT landscape.

GitHub logo darkterminal / software-freestyle-engineer

The Role of a Software Freestyle Engineer in Modern IT - This is a serious imagination journal written by me (Imam Ali Mustofa).

The Role of a Software Freestyle Engineer in Modern IT

Thesis Overview

Within this repository resides the scholarly work entitled "The Role of a Software Freestyle Engineer in Modern IT." This thesis serves as a comprehensive exploration of the distinctive and indispensable role assumed by a Software Freestyle Engineer within the purview of contemporary information technology. The primary objective of this research endeavor is to engender an enhanced comprehension of the fundamental responsibilities, versatile skill set, and intrinsic value that Software Freestyle Engineers bestow upon software development projects. To achieve this objective, the study embarks upon a thorough investigation into the historical trajectory of software engineering practices, the emergence and ascendancy of agile methodologies, and the imperatives of flexibility, creativity, and adaptability within the ever-evolving IT landscape.


This repository serves as an invaluable resource for individuals seeking a deep understanding of the role of a Software Freestyle Engineer in…

doydator profile image

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GitHub logo ZigRazor / CXXGraph

Header-Only C++ Library for Graph Representation and Algorithms




codecov CodeFactor

GitHub license GitHub release

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Join the chat at

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CXXGraph is a small library, header only, that manages the Graph and it's algorithms in C++. In other words a "Comprehensive C++ Graph Library" An alternative to Boost Graph Library (BGL).

We are Looking for...

We are looking for:

  • Site Developer for the development of the CXXGraph site ( for the moment on GitHub Page );
  • Developers and Committers, also at first experience, we will guide you step by step to the open-source world!

If you are interested, please contact us at or contribute to this project. We are waiting for you!


Completed Description Date of Completition
✔️ First Optimization Apr 4, 2022
✔️ Add Benchmark for all algorithms Oct 5, 2022
✔️ Code Optimization Oct 5, 2022
✔️ Release 0.4.0 Oct 7, 2022
✔️ "Const" Code Review #155 Mar 23, 2023
✔️ Release 0.5.0 Mar 23, 2023

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