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Antonio Radovcic
Antonio Radovcic

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Dev-Log #2: Lander-Game, we have a loop!

The lander-game is still figuring itself out piece by piece, but it already has some rules and a loop. This is mostly a scratchpad for myself and rather hastily written.

Current state:

  • The player is looking at a space-hangar-management-software and has to manage approaching ships. The hangar has four landing-platforms in a row. Ships pay a fee for each round they stay landed.

  • The arriving ships can be from three different fractions: Police, Corporate, Cartel.

  • The player has a reputation with each fraction. A positive reputation means the player gets a bigger tip from that fraction.

  • The reputation changes based on how the player places ships from certain fractions next to each other.
    Example: Putting Police next to Cartel will improve the rep. with Police, and lower it with Cartel. Corporate next to Cartel means a minus with Corporate and a plus with Cartel. Think rock-paper-scissors.

  • A ship will remain on the platform for 3 to 6 rounds.

  • Sending a ship away prematurely by placing a new ship on that platform will decrease reputation with that fraction.

  • The player is paying a fixed maintenance fee each round.

Current ideas and struggles:

  • Should a ship pay for each round, or just on landing, or just on leaving? With pay-on-leave I could add that the player won't get payed if the ship gets "sent home" prematurely.
  • An arbitrary number of platforms. Start with one or two, and buy additional platforms as the game progresses. Currently, 4 are hardcoded into the game.
  • A lose-condition is still missing. Maybe lose if you run out of cash?
  • Game-objectives may be: Get n money by round 50; Don't get a negative reputation with the cartel; survive 50 rounds; start with a negative rep. with the police and get it positive by round 30;
  • A fourth fraction, "Leisure" or "Private", which does have effects on neighbouring ships, but doesn't have a reputation with the player. Could be useful as filler for empty slots, I don't know…
  • A second dimension. The platforms aren't just 4 in a row but maybe 3x4, and the reputation-effects go up and down.
  • Events! This will spice up the game and add story. Example:
    • Cartel offers you money if you don't let police land
  • The game currently has instant state-changes, since the interface is still a CLI. That means every change happens instantly and the player has no transitions to help visualise consequences. It's waaaay to early to think about final visuals etc. but I would want this to be a browser-based game if it ever goes public. Of course I had to do a little yak-shaving and put the CLI-game into, for a little trashy Sci-Fi-Cyber-Vibe:

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