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Matt Coulter
Software Architect working on enabling engineers to rapidly deliver serverless-first solutions in a Fortune 100 organisation - passionate about Serverless, AWS,, TCO, and CI/CD
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cdkpatterns is a github repo that is paired with a twitter account to communicate updates (@cdkpatterns). Star the repo to follow along with updates or follow on twitter, the choice is yours.

The repo is designed to contain serverless architecture patterns built using AWS CDK. They all follow the same structure so the same commands can be used to deploy them all to your aws account to learn and play. Since these are all serverless, the costs of doing so should be as close to free as possible (depends on your actual usage of the pattern).

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All patterns come in Python or TypeScript flavours and include the native Cloudformation template that the pattern creates. This means that if you aren't ready for aws cdk yet you can still learn from the patterns.

The patterns are all linked back to an AWS Serverless Hero who created / is presenting them on stage or writing blog posts about them.

Dynamo Streamer Example:

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If you want to know more about why I am building it check out my last blog post -

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