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Why I Would Love You To Speak At CDK Day

CDK Day is back again on 26th May 2022!

Basic Background

For those who have never came across our fun event, we take one day to celebrate everything that is part of the Cloud Development Kit (CDK) family of products. That would be AWS CDK, CDK for Terraform (CDKTF), CDK for Kubernetes (cdk8s), Projen and any other fun projects that have popped up in the wild.

cdk8s -
Projen -

This event is not an official AWS event (they do support us and help out but the speakers can talk about other clouds so we decided to stay independent). It is in fact organised for a budget of $0 by a team of volunteers from across the globe. You can see the latest group here

Past Events

We have ran the event twice before, in Sept 2020 and April 2021. You can look back on those events through our dedicated rewind pages:

2020 -
2021 -

I also did a writeup for how both of those events went

2020 -
2021 -

Over 4000 people signed up to attend last year and this is the map of where they came from:
CDK Day Map

Why I Would Love You To Speak

This is an event ran for fun, for free by a group of volunteers that pulls in a large audience who understands that previous statement. I don't care if this is your first speaking engagement, if you have something to say I would love to provide you the platform to say it.

But, what happens if something goes wrong on the day with your presentation? That's ok we will have some fun, work our way through it and the community will support you. The day is about bringing people together and learning, not perfect slides to appease sponsors.

But, what if someone says something abusive while you are on screen? That is why we have a code of conduct that we will enforce across all channels where our speakers are engaged We will have a team of volunteers on the day to make sure it is enforced

If you aren't confident to create the presentation yourself, that is also amazing because one of the committee members can help you both craft your pitch and your talk.

If you have stage fright from the thought of speaking live, that is ok because we also accept recorded submissions.

How To Submit

If you read all this and thought CDK Day is the kind of event for you then you have until 20th April to submit your talk proposal here

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Davide de Paolis

This is really a great opportunity. 🀩