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Watch Deconstructing The Destined Lambda on Youtube today! AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Destinations and EventBridge

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cdkpatterns (19 Part Series)

1) What is CDKPatterns.com? 2) Deploy "The EventBridge Circuit Breaker" pattern today (AWS API Gateway, Lambda, EventBridge, DynamoDB) 3 ... 17 3) Deploy “The Big Fan” Serverless Pattern Today (AWS API Gateway, SNS, SQS and Lambda) 4) Deploy "The Simple GraphQL Service" Serverless Pattern Today (AWS Appsync, DynamoDB, Lambda, GraphQL) 5) Deploy Any cdkpatterns.com Serverless Pattern to AWS in 3 Commands 6) Learn GraphQL and AWS AppSync By Running One Command 7) S3 CSV File to DynamoDB using EventBridge, AWS Lambda, Fargate and SQS 8) Learn Lambda Destinations combined with Amazon EventBridge using AWS CDK for truly decoupled Event Driven Architecture 9) Watch Deconstructing The Destined Lambda on Youtube today! AWS Lambda, API Gateway, Destinations and EventBridge 10) Learn the 3 AWS Lambda states today (the single purpose function, the fat lambda and the lambda-lith). 11) Watch me deploy a React and an Angular website to AWS using AWS CDK with one command 12) Watch me deconstruct "The EventBridge ETL" Serverless Architecture Pattern 13) Learn "the saga stepfunction" pattern today - Single Table DynamoDB, Lambdas, Step Function and API Gateway 14) Watch me deconstruct "The Scalable Webhook" AWS Serverless Pattern - Lambda, API GW, SQS 15) Learn Serverless Tracability with "The X-Ray Tracer" CDK Pattern - Lambda, SNS, SQS, DynamoDB 16) Tune your AWS Lambdas for best cost vs performance with "The Lambda Power Tuner" serverless pattern 17) Protect your RDS MySQL DB from AWS Lambda Scalability 18) Attach a FileSystem to your AWS Lambda Function 19) Open your content to the world by combining Amazon Translate and Polly - Natural language translations and voice synthesis

I thought it might be a good idea to start walking through the patterns I have made available on cdkpatterns.com for people who are new to AWS CDK or just don't want to deploy it themselves to learn.

I talk through the theory, walk the code, deploy it then show it in action.


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This is encouraging! I wish there was more information about how this pattern evolved.

The destined lambda pattern capabilities are explained well, addressing reliability and beautifully separating code into smaller lambda functions. IMHO, that's why the pattern is interesting to discuss. The asynchronous lambda is really different. The payload limits are different too.


Usually when I add a pattern I have loads of proven source material from AWS Heroes. On this one, I just made the connection myself so you’re right to do it justice it probably needs a detailed blog post on the theory behind it, the advantages, the disadvantages etc


Stupendous! The details just may help me understand where the pattern belongs. The pattern probably evolved, how did the lamdba destined pattern exactly evolve from the aforementioned stuff? I still wonder.

To give a quick answer on where it evolved. I created the EventBridge ETL pattern (github.com/cdk-patterns/serverless...) which uses EventBridge and Lambdas for extracting, transforming and loading data from s3 to DynamoDB. The vast majority of the logic in the Lambda functions is for processing events from and sending events to EventBridge so the ability to reduce that code was what I went looking for. Lambda Destinations is an answer to that.

It's nice code. Looks like it will launch a stack instantly. Interesting roots, etl. I'm fiddling with different patterns to replicate one set of DynamoDB tables to another set and most etl patterns use S3 for millions of bytes.