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April 9, 2020: What did you learn this week?

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It's that time of the week again, just a day early. I'm off tomorrow and Monday so posting this now.

So wonderful devs, what did you learn this week? It could be programming tips, career advice etc.

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Feel free to comment with what you learnt and/or reference your TIL post to give it some more exposure.


Summarize a concept that is new to you.

And remember, if something you learnt was a big win for you, then you know where to drop it as well.πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ‘‡πŸ½πŸ‘‡πŸΎπŸ‘‡πŸΏ

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Senior software engineer at DEV/Forem. Caught the live coding bug on Twitch at livecoding.ca


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I'm a React guy and got laid off last week. While job hunting, it seems like the whole Austin market wants Angular, so I put together my first Angular project since AngularJS. It was super fun!

It was also an experiment in livestreaming programming and some people from the Angular community showed up and we're super helpful and patient walking me through these concepts, mad respect for them.


Did you like Angular more than React? :)


It's hard to say at this point honestly. They're veeeery different. I do miss the virtual dom specifically though, I feel like Angular is super rerender happy. I do like that Angular has everything I need in the core package though!

How much time you spent on that app? "Bouldy Clicker" i mean. I just consider myself Angular, because Vue2 is awful with TypeScript.

I've probably spent about 10-12 hours on it at this point? It was a bit slow going, especially since I streamed it.

I haven't used Vue in a while, how was it awful with Typescript if you don't mind me asking? I know React has some kinks around defaultProps that are still being worked out, it's certainly not baked in as well as it is for Angular...

With Vue2 you have to use class styled api, instead of Options API with TS, otherwise you'll face lots of pain. Even with classes it has many issues with Vuex and 3rd party libraries, it's just feels not so mature, if compare to React (not telling about Angular). Totally not worth to use Vue2 with TS, with Vue3 things might change, but that would take a few years i guess.

React has more matured ecosystem if compare to Vue.


Cool that you're live coding as well and kudos to going head first into another frontend framerwork. I never did any Angular after 1.4, but am pretty proficient with TypeScript if you have any questions.

You should post a Tweet about being laid off and looking for work. I'm happy to retweet and I'm sure others would too.


Thank you!

I'm pretty fortunate and already in the end/offer stages with a few companies already. One of which actually because of the Angular ramp up I did, so it worked out :P


This week I learned about npm link. Very cool feature. I was reading up on Lerna local dependencies when I came across it. I'm currently using Lerna's local (linked!) dependencies to build out new easier to use (specialized) components for the company I work at. It's going well.

If you ever need to develop two packages simultaneously where 1 is a dependency of the other, then definitely check out npm link!


This week I learned how to establish TCP connection between local server and iOS and Android app. It's important to mention that both apps are native built in (Swift and Kotlin).
Also this week I have built my first MacOS application. App is simple TCP server with logger.


Github pages went down a few days ago and Twitter timeline stopped for a few hours in Korea yesterday.

Learned giant companies could also make mistakes sometimes.


After years of copy-pasting the convert command from StackOverflow into my terminal to compress/optimize JPEG images, I finally made myself sit down and learn what arguments it takes, and how to best use it. I wrote up my findings as this TIL post yesterday:
TIL: The Best Way to Compress JPG Files with ImageMagick


Honestly learned some not-so-devvy things: journaling and meditation. Sounds super cliche but it's really given me a lot more purpose now that I'm stuck in the house for most of the day. Feels great to have a goal starting every day and some time to reflect / improve at the end 😁


Learnt how to log into a website using Puppeteer! Wanted an automatic way to find out if packages held at a freight forwarder was ready for pickup. I think I'm now able to build a service that will get the top five stories from my local newspapers and send me an email every morning using Puppeteer to scrape the data!


This week I learned about the AMPQ protocol. I played around with RabbitMQ, developed a small distributed message broker system in GoLang. Learned how to publish and consume messages, got familiar with the queue system etc.


This week, I've learnt how to implement linked list, stack and queues in Javascript πŸ™Œ.
I also got to document what I've learnt (dev.to/ivywalobwa/stack-postfix-ca...)


I am relearning redux. Starting to build a Web game in React.


I have worked on creating a YAML pipeline for deploying azure function. Also started writing a article on API versioning in Asp.net core web api.


Go to learn about freelance basics and the Bonsai tool. That one is really great for newbies in freelance!


I'm learning how to distribute a vuejs component on NPM and I learnt how to use externals in webpack config.


I learn how to use Carbon::mixin to complete my work-home-schedule.

This package can help me to estimate previous/next working date and status :).