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Flexbox diehards: Here's some concrete examples of when CSS grid is just better

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9 min read

How you can (sort of) write SASS @mixins in plain CSS

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5 min read

#showdevThe power of SvelteJS: building an animated image carousel in <30 lines of code ✨

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11 min read

The web dev tools that helped me get s*** done in 2019. Plus, a thank you!

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9 min read

HTML5 tags - how do they work, and which ones should I use?

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6 min read

What I learned planning and building an MVP as a frontend dev at Peloton

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Using enums with string values in TypeScript? Consider string literals instead!

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#discussHow much CSS should you know to use a CSS framework?

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How to revert your git commits without panicking

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#showdevHow using CSS variables helped me cut down on JavaScript

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#discussStudents in web dev: what has been your best learning experience, and why was it effective?

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Git + GitHub Best Practices for Teams (Opinionated)

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10 min read

Let CSS frameworks empower you, not control you

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A neat DIY solution to animating on scroll (for any framework)

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Why SvelteJS may be the best framework for new web devs

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7 min read

Why I'm using Surge and not GitHub Pages

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