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Have been a fullstack web developer for 5+ years. Top 10% Javascript & React answerer in Stack Overflow. My email address is: bravemaster six one nine at hotmail dot com

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How to pass arguments to custom composer script

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Typescript: is it possible to apply multiple method decorators using class decorator?

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Event-driven approach in React hooks?

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GitHub Pages is temporarily down for maintenance

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What is your preferred way to handle authentication in SPA?

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How to prevent multiple socket connections and events in React

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Funniest users in Stack Overflow and records held by them

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How to convert a React-Rails Web App to PWA, Push Notification using VAPID

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React + Rails + MongoDB: how to decouple Frontend and Backend using React and Ruby on Rails

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How to build a PWA + AMP: Google Lighthouse and Search Console Audit passed

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