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MongoDB $weeklyUpdate (Feb 11, 2022): Wordle w/ Data API, Geospatial Queries, RESTful API in .NET Core, and more!

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Build Your Own Wordle in Bash with the Data API

Joel Lord
Learn how to build a Wordle clone using bash and the MongoDB Data API.

MongoDB Geospatial Queries in C#

Adrienne Tacke
If you’ve ever glanced at a map to find the closest lunch spots to you, you’ve most likely used a geospatial query under the hood!

Go to MongoDB Using Kafka Connectors - Ultimate Agent Guide

Pavel Duchovny
This article will demo how file size data on a host is monitored from a cross-platform agent written in Golang via a Kafka cluster using a Confluent hosted sink connector to MongoDB Atlas.

Saving Data in Unity3D Using Files

Dominic Frei
We look into one of the ways we can use the underlying .NET framework by saving files.

Create a RESTful API with .NET Core and MongoDB

Nic Raboy
n this tutorial, we're going to create a RESTful API in a .NET Core app with endpoints that perform basic create, read, update, and delete (CRUD) operations against MongoDB Atlas.

Getting Started with Deno and MongoDB

Jesse Hall
Deno is a β€œmodern” runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript that is built in Rust. It’s also completely locked down by default and requires you to enable each access method specifically. This makes Deno pair nicely with MongoDB since it is also super secure by default.

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