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The best thing about my job is ___

Michael Lee πŸ•
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A) Unlimited LaCroix
B) Working remotely
C) Wearing t-shirts to work

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Corey McCarty

Currently my team is at a facility working with the team that runs our company's cloud foundry and learning the PAAS stuff is great. We are working on migrating our old J2EE/Weblogic/VM stack into SpringBoot and PCF. We are getting the opportunity to play with things that wouldn't otherwise be possible (at least on the clock).

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mahendra choudhary

C) wearning t-shirts to work .

other perks are not available yet (*_-)

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Shannon Crabill


Working remotely has been a nice change of pace and might have spoiled me.

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Shannon Crabill

B also means C applies. I can wear all the tech/conferences t-shirts now that I was unable to wear previously.

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Michael Lee πŸ• Author

Very nice! Yeah remote work is definitely a different pace. Have you been doing it long?

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Shannon Crabill

Since May and it's been an adjustment, but overall a good one.

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Arman Khan

For now, Wearing t-shirts to work!

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Christopher Lai