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___ as a Service

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A. Side projects
B. Automation πŸ€–
C. node_modules πŸ“‚

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Procrastination as a service.


A service to help you stop procrastinating? Or a service to get paid for procrastinating but eventually doing it at the last minute? πŸ€”


Or perhaps a service that procrastinates for you? πŸ€”


D) Exiting Vim as a service


Shudder this reminds of the days when I used to log into a family member's computer via Teamviewer to remotely unblock them from doing something.


Haha, can’t said I’ve done that.


Breaking Bad News as a Service haha


Haha No! It's breaking bad news to people as a service lol

What if it's Breaking Bad (as in the show) news


I could see this being a very nice bot. But I would think the human touch would be necessary in a lot of scenarios.


It could be Google Assistant calling the person in need of the service to break to him/her the bad news!

I just saw this on facebook the other day and it made me rofl lol


The first link was behind a paywall :(

Wow, FOaaS. Very interesting πŸ˜‰ Have you ever had to use it?


"had to use" - no, "wanted to use because it's better documented than most of the code I use at work" - yes :)

I agree, the docs are pretty compelling. Another reason to put care in documentation. Helps with adoption.


Jobs as a service? 🀣