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Cool, just send me a copy of the code on ___

michael profile image Michael Lee πŸ• ・1 min read

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A) The blockchain
B) Dropbox
C) Slack

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Zip it and send it over to me via a CD.


Why bother with CDs? floppy disks all the way


I have had a real life case like that.


Lol, I know I've got some back ups laying around on CDs just like this. Oh the pre-git days.


I have had also used those. Right now my current setup is easy, code goes on git and i also do a backup of the fully working website ans transfer all into an online storage service im using for such stuff to keep backups for my projects.


D) Nvm, Live Share FTW!


What is Live share?


Oh it's a nifty plugin developed by Microsoft that allows live sharing of environments. Works with both Visual Studio and Visual Studio code!


For a while there, pigeons carrying usb sticks were pretty good.


D) This stack of papers. I printed out all the code for you. What do you mean that's not helpful?


You know, I would think in some scenarios doing this for a code review could actually be helpful 😊