Bane of my existence as a developer

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Dev cards (14 Part Series)

1) My favorite swag from tech conferences are ______ 2) Bane of my existence as a developer 3 ... 12 3) _____ does not Spark Joy, thank it and discard it. 4) Friends don’t let friends ____ on a Friday afternoon. 5) git commit -m "_____" 6) I got to the bottom of an infinitely scrolling website and found 7) A misunderstanding of ______ brought down all of the Internet 8) Trust me, I can build software because I learned how to code from ___ 9) What I hate hearing most as a developer. 10) ___ as a Service 11) Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak is to Apple as ___ is to ___ 12) It's going to take ___ to finish that task. 13) Cool, just send me a copy of the code on ___ 14) The best thing about my job is ___

A, B or C?

Or suggest your own answer.

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Webpack!!! :D

And exiting Vim, once upon a time. I think it first happened during a botched production deployment before we knew CI / CD existed. Blergh


Our caption was obviously a lie. No developer succeeds setting webpack up on their first try......

Your clip is FAR more accurate haha.

Great post heading by the way... I think @ben needs to take those polls out of beta now. :D


Oh my yes! That’s a good one Gabriel...I hope that’s something you don’t have to do often.


D: asked to fix code that someone else wrote 😐


Not so much exiting Vim but Vim in general. I have many shortcuts in my vimrc and when I’m on another system without it, I always forget to use the actual Vim keys!


Oh vanilla Vim instances. Yes, totally understand. I love using Vim vinegar so that’s been a crutch when I’m using a vanilla Vim setup.

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