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Google I/O 3.22 just released - Flutter News 2024 #20 ʚїɞ

Hey Flutter enthusiasts!

Ever worry about missing key Flutter updates? Well, worry no more!
Starting 2024, I'm here to keep you informed with a weekly Monday report. Let's stay ahead in the world of Flutter!

Table of Contents

  1. Mayor Flutter updates
  2. New Flutter Videos
  3. New Flutter Packages
  4. New Dev Posts
  5. New Medium Posts

Mayor Flutter updates:

Flutter released a major update this week: Flutter Google I/O 3.22

-> More Infos on

New Flutter Videos:

The Flutter YouTube Channel did post new Videos:






New Flutter-Packages

scoped_deps (Version 0.1.0+2)

A simple Dart library for managing scoped dependencies built on top of Zones from dart:async.

firebase_vertexai (Version 0.1.0)

Firebase Vertex AI SDK.
#firebase_app_check, #firebase_core, #firebase_core_platform_interface, #flutter, #google_generative_ai

flutter_picker_plus (Version 1.1.1)

Provide flexible parameters to meet various needs with NumberPicker, DateTimePicker, ArrayPicker, and default linkage Picker.

any_image_view (Version 1.0.3)

A special Flutter package for displaying all kinds of images, including jpg, png,jpeg, SVG, lottie, and XFile, including network images with caching.
#cached_network_image, #flutter, #flutter_svg, #lottie

flutter_skeleton_ui (Version 0.0.6)

A Flutter package for building custom skeleton widgets to mimic the page"s layout while loading.

New Dev-Posts

New Medium-Posts

Why Is Flutter a Good Choice for Cross-Platform Project in 2024 by siddhi infosoft

In the evolving outlook of mobile app development, selecting the proper framework for a cross-platform challenge is a fundamental choice that can determine the success of your application. As of…
\Flutter App Development, Flutter, Flutter App Company

Flutter Packages Weekly 3flutter_layout_grid by dev-woogi

“Build responsive layouts with flutter_layout_grid and elevate layout design with flutter_layout_grid” Welcome back to the Flutter Packages Weekly series! In this third installment, we’re diving into…
\Flutter, Flutter App Development, Android, IOS, Flutter Ui

Exploring Flutter app performance improvement recommendations by Oleksandr Glushchenko

The app performance is the thing that you should always keep in mind developing software products. Paying attention to the app performance makes your app reliable and, along with providing helpful features and creating an amazing user interface, helps to retain old and attract new users.
\Mobile Development, Flutter, App Performance, Flutter App Performance

SQLite CRUD operations in Flutter by Anand Vishwakarma

Here we will learn how to use SQLite in Flutter to create, read, update and delete or CRUD data operation. With this sqflite we would be able to storage data in the mobile local storage and offline…
\Flutter, Sqlite, Flutter App Development, Offline Storage

Mastering Flutter Key Concepts and Comparisons for Effective Development by Mosham

Flutter, Google’s UI toolkit for building natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase, has gained immense popularity among developers. As you dive into Flutter…
\Flutter, Flutter App Development, Flutter Widget, Mobile App Development, Flutter Ui

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Did I miss any recent updates? Feel free to share any important news I might have overlooked!

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Did I miss any recent updates? Feel free to share any important news I might have overlooked!

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