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bluetooth_print_plus in Flutter News 2024 #19 ʚїɞ

Hey Flutter enthusiasts!

Ever worry about missing key Flutter updates? Well, worry no more!
Starting 2024, I'm here to keep you informed with a weekly Monday report. Let's stay ahead in the world of Flutter!

Table of Contents

  1. Mayor Flutter updates
  2. New Flutter Videos
  3. New Flutter Packages
  4. New Dev Posts
  5. New Medium Posts

Mayor Flutter updates:

There are no mayor flutter updates this week!

-> Currently Flutter Version Valentine’s-Day-adjacent 3.19

New Flutter Videos:

The Flutter YouTube Channel did not post any new Videos this week!

New Flutter-Packages

bluetooth_print_plus Version 1.5.0
\flutter, flutter_web_plugins, json_annotation, plugin_platform_interface, rxdart

async_tools Version 0.1.1

kodepos Version 0.0.7
\flutter, get

bloc_advanced_tools Version 0.1.1

gzx_dropdown_menu_more_custom Version 3.1.2
\flutter, get, styled_widget

New Dev-Posts

New Medium-Posts

You’re Using ChatGPT Wrong Here’s How to Be Ahead of 99% of ChatGPT Users. by Lizzy Matsen
\Work, Philosophy, Music, Lifestyle, Flutter

Mastering Deep Linking A Comprehensive Guide for Flutter Developers by Sadiq
\Flutter, Deep Linking, Deep Link Flutter, Deep Link Android, Deep Link Ios

Accelerating Web App Loading Times with Flutter Web by yousaf@345

Hi there, have you ever encountered the frustrating delay when loading your Flutter web application? Let’s tackle this issue head-on and make your app load faster. Buckle up, and let’s dive in! First…
\Flutter, Widget, Application, Flutter Widget, Dart

Stefan G Ronnkvist by Stefan Rönnkvist
\Flutter, Flutter App Development, Flutter Ui, Flutter Web

Visualizing Proteins in 3D on Mobile Devices using Flutter (Faking 3D Graphics) by Kaveh Kavandi
\3d Visualization, Flutter, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile App Development, Dart

Last Flutter News: Flutter News 2024 #18 ʚїɞ

Did I miss any recent updates? Feel free to share any important news I might have overlooked!

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Luciano Jung

Did I miss any recent updates? Feel free to share any important news I might have overlooked!