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Flutter News 2024 #2 🦋

As a freetime Flutter developer it often comes to my mind:
Did I missed some important Flutter news?

Starting 2024 I want to stay up to date and want to give you a monday report every week ordered by importance.

Mayor Flutter updates:

There are no mayor flutter updates this week!
-> Currently Flutter 3.16.0 release

New Flutter Videos:

The Flutter YouTube Channel did post new Videos:




New Dev-Posts

New Medium-Posts

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Upcoming releases

  • Migrate RawKeyEvent/RawKeyboard system to KeyEvent/HardwareKeyboard system
  • Deprecate TextField.canRequestFocus
  • Accessibility traversal order of tooltip changed
  • Default multitouch scrolling
  • Deprecate imperative apply of Flutter’s Gradle plugins
  • Rename MemoryAllocations to FlutterMemoryAllocations
  • Deprecated API removed after v3.16
  • Nullable PageView.controller

Last Flutter News: Flutter News 2024 #1 🦋

Did I miss any recent updates? Feel free to share any important news I might have overlooked!

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