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Top 10 Impressive Flutter Projects to Skyrocket Your Developer CV

In the competitive world of mobile app development, having a strong portfolio of Flutter projects is essential to stand out. Flutter, Google's UI toolkit, is renowned for its ability to create beautiful, cross-platform apps efficiently. Let's explore ten projects that can demonstrate your expertise and make your CV shine.

1. The Essential To-Do App

Why it matters: A classic starting point. Showcase clean UI design, state management, and local data persistence (e.g., Hive, SharedPreferences).
Take it further: Implement cloud sync, task categorization, reminders, or even gamification elements.


To Do List - Apps on Google Play

Easy to use To-Do List. Remember everything and get things done!


2. Personalized Habit Tracker

Why it matters: Demonstrates your ability to create user-centric experiences. Track progress, set goals, and use visualizations (charts, graphs) to display data.
Take it further: Incorporate social features, challenges, or integrations with wearables.


Habit Tracker - Habit Diary - Apps on Google Play

Create a habit list to build good habits & healthy lifestyle with Habit tracker


3. E-commerce App (or Storefront)

Why it matters: E-commerce is booming! Build a basic product catalog, shopping cart, and checkout flow. Show off API integration (e.g., Stripe) for payments.
Take it further: Add features like product reviews, personalized recommendations, or augmented reality (AR) product previews.
Learn more to Develop this app.

4. Social Media App Clone (Simplified)

Why it matters: Prove you can handle user authentication, real-time updates, and social interactions. Focus on a core feature like a news feed or messaging.
Take it further: Experiment with live streaming, stories, or advanced feed algorithms.

5. News Reader or Aggregator

Why it matters: Demonstrates your ability to fetch and parse data from APIs. Display news articles beautifully, implement search and filtering.
Take it further: Add personalized news recommendations, offline reading, or text-to-speech functionality.

6. Game Development (Simple Puzzle or Arcade)

Why it matters: Games are fun and challenging! Showcase your creativity and understanding of animations, game logic, and user input.
Take it further: Explore complex game mechanics, leaderboards, or multiplayer features.

7. Fitness or Health Tracking App

Why it matters: A popular app category. Track workouts, steps, calories, or other health metrics. Integrate with sensors or wearables if possible.
Take it further: Incorporate personalized fitness plans, meal tracking, or challenges.

Learn More about developing this flutter project from here.

8. Local Business Directory or Guide

Why it matters: Helps demonstrate your skills with maps, location services, and potentially augmented reality (AR) for navigation.
Take it further: Add features like user reviews, bookings, or social check-ins.

9. Chat App with Firebase

Why it matters: Real-time communication is a valuable skill. Leverage Firebase for authentication, database, and real-time messaging.
Take it further: Implement group chats, push notifications, or end-to-end encryption.

10. IoT Control Panel

Why it matters: Shows you're on the cutting edge. Control smart home devices (if you have them) or simulate interactions with IoT devices.
Take it further: Integrate with voice assistants like Alexa or Google Assistant.

Bonus Tip

Open-source contributions are a great way to showcase your collaborative skills and commitment to the Flutter community.


Building a diverse portfolio of Flutter projects is an investment in your career as a developer. It not only demonstrates your technical abilities but also your creativity and problem-solving skills. Don't be afraid to experiment, learn new concepts, and showcase your passion for Flutter.

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