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Top 10 trending github repos of the week💜.

GitHub is where over 65 million developers shape the future of software, together. Contribute to the open source community, manage your Git repositories, review code like a pro, track bugs and features, power your CI/CD and DevOps workflows, and secure code before you commit it.

Here is the most popular repos published on this platform.

GitHub logo microsoft / Data-Science-For-Beginners

10 Weeks, 20 Lessons, Data Science for All!

Data Science for Beginners - A Curriculum

GitHub license GitHub contributors GitHub issues GitHub pull-requests PRs Welcome

GitHub watchers GitHub forks GitHub stars

Azure Cloud Advocates at Microsoft are pleased to offer a 10-week, 20-lesson curriculum all about Data Science. Each lesson includes pre-lesson and post-lesson quizzes, written instructions to complete the lesson, a solution, and an assignment. Our project-based pedagogy allows you to learn while building, a proven way for new skills to 'stick'.

Hearty thanks to our authors: Jasmine Greenaway, Dmitry Soshnikov, Nitya Narasimhan, Jalen McGee, Jen Looper, Maud Levy, Tiffany Souterre, Christopher Harrison.

🙏 Special thanks 🙏 to our Microsoft Student Ambassador authors, reviewers and content contributors, notably Aaryan Arora, Aditya Garg, Alondra Sanchez, Ankita Singh, Anupam Mishra, Arpita Das, ChhailBihari Dubey, Dibri Nsofor, Dishita Bhasin, Majd Safi, Max Blum, Miguel Correa, Mohamma Iftekher (Iftu) Ebne Jalal, Nawrin Tabassum, Raymond Wangsa Putra

GitHub logo appsmithorg / appsmith

Build completely custom admin panels and internal tools. Use 30+ react components to build pages without HTML/CSS.

Appsmith - The Frontend Tool for Any Backend

Get StartedDocsCommunityTutorialsEventsYoutubeDiscordTemplates

Turn any datasource into an internal app in minutes. Appsmith lets you drag-and-drop components to build dashboards, write logic with JavaScript objects and connect to any API, database or GraphQL source


Quick Start

The fastest way to start with Appsmith is the cloud-hosted version. When you're ready, you can also host it yourself.

Build an Internal Tool with Appsmith


Use ready components to build workflows in record time. Drag common elements like tables, charts, forms and more right into your app.

Includes text, forms, inputs, buttons, tables, images, charts, checkboxes, switches, radio buttons, datepickers, dropdowns, filepickers, containers, maps, modals, rich text editors, tabs &

GitHub logo louislam / uptime-kuma

A fancy self-hosted monitoring tool

Uptime Kuma

It is a self-hosted monitoring tool like "Uptime Robot".

🥔 Live Demo

Try it!

It is a 10 minutes live demo, all data will be deleted after that. The server is located at Tokyo, if you live far away from here, it may affact your experience. I suggest that you should install to try it.

VPS is sponsored by Uptime Kuma sponsors on Open Collective! Thank you so much!


🔧 How to Install

🐳 Docker

docker volume create uptime-kuma
docker run -d --restart=always -p 3001:3001 -v uptime-kuma:/app/data --name uptime-kuma louislam/uptime-kuma:1
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Browse to http://localhost:3001 after started.

GitHub logo ryanmcdermott / clean-code-javascript

🛁 Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Variables
  3. Functions
  4. Objects and Data Structures
  5. Classes
  6. SOLID
  7. Testing
  8. Concurrency
  9. Error Handling
  10. Formatting
  12. Translation


Humorous image of software quality estimation as a count of how many expletives you shout when reading code

Software engineering principles, from Robert C. Martin's book Clean Code adapted for JavaScript. This is not a style guide. It's a guide to producing readable, reusable, and refactorable software in JavaScript.

Not every principle herein has to be strictly followed, and even fewer will be universally agreed upon. These are guidelines and nothing more, but they are ones codified over many years of collective experience by the authors of Clean Code.

Our craft of software engineering is just a bit over 50 years old, and we are still learning a lot. When software architecture is as old as architecture itself, maybe then we will have harder rules to follow. For now, let these guidelines serve as a touchstone by which to assess the quality of the JavaScript…

GitHub logo appwrite / appwrite

Appwrite is a secure end-to-end backend server for Web, Mobile, and Flutter developers that is packaged as a set of Docker containers for easy deployment 🚀

Appwrite Logo

A complete backend solution for your [Flutter / Vue / Angular / React / iOS / Android / *ANY OTHER*] app

Hacktoberfest Discord Docker Pulls Build Status Twitter Account Translate

Appwrite 0.10 has been released! Learn what's new!

Appwrite is an end-to-end backend server for Web, Mobile, Native, or Backend apps packaged as a set of Docker microservices. Appwrite abstracts the complexity and repetitiveness required to build a modern backend API from scratch and allows you to build secure apps faster.

Using Appwrite, you can easily integrate your app with user authentication & multiple sign-in methods, a database for storing and querying users and team data, storage and file management, image manipulation, Cloud Functions, and more services.


Find out more at:

Table of Contents:


Appwrite backend server is designed to run in a container…

GitHub logo HashLips / hashlips_art_engine

HashLips Art Engine is a tool used to create multiple different instances of artworks based on provided layers.

Welcome to HashLips 👄

All the code in these repos was created and explained by HashLips on the main YouTube channel.

To find out more please visit:

📺 YouTube

👄 Discord

💬 Telegram

🐦 Twitter

ℹ️ Website

HashLips Art Engine 🔥

Create generative art by using the canvas api and node js. Before you use the generation engine, make sure you have node.js installed.

Installation 🛠️

If you are cloning the project then run this first, otherwise you can download the source code on the release page and skip this step.

git clone
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Go to the root of your folder and run this command if you have yarn installed.

yarn install
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Alternatively you can run this command if you have node installed.

npm install
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Usage ℹ️

Create your different layers as folders in the 'layers' directory, and add all the layer assets in these directories. You can name the…

GitHub logo facebook / flipper

A desktop debugging platform for mobile developers.



Android Maven Badge iOS

Flipper (formerly Sonar) is a platform for debugging mobile apps on iOS and Android. Visualize, inspect, and control your apps from a simple desktop interface. Use Flipper as is or extend it using the plugin API


Table of Contents

Mobile development

Flipper aims to be your number one companion for mobile app development on iOS and Android. Therefore, we provide a bunch of useful tools, including a log viewer, interactive layout inspector, and network inspector.

Extending Flipper

Flipper is built as a platform. In addition to using the tools already included, you can create your own plugins to visualize and debug data from your mobile apps. Flipper takes care of sending data back…

GitHub logo remoteintech / remote-jobs

A list of semi to fully remote-friendly companies (jobs) in tech.

Remote-friendly companies

A list of semi to fully remote-friendly companies in or around tech.

Contributions are very welcome! Please submit a pull request on GitHub.

Some company names have a icon next to them. This icon means we don't have much information about this company yet, and we would love a contribution! See each individual company profile for details.


Enjoy these repos.

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Thanks 💖💖💖

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