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Top 10 trending github repos of the week😘.

GitHub is where over 65 million developers shape the future of software, together. Contribute to the open source community, manage your Git repositories, review code like a pro, track bugs and features, power your CI/CD and DevOps workflows, and secure code before you commit it.

Here is the most popular repos published on this platform.


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GitHub logo alan2207 / bulletproof-react

🛡️ ⚛️ A simple, scalable, and powerful architecture for building production ready React applications.

Bulletproof React 🛡️ ⚛️

MIT License CI

A simple, scalable, and powerful architecture for building production ready React applications.


React is a great tool for building frontend applications. It has a very diverse ecosystem with hundreds of great libraries for literally anything you might need. However, it can be overwhelming to be forced to make so many choices It is also very flexible, you can write React applications in any way you like but that flexibility comes with a cost. Since there is no pre-defined architecture developers can follow, it often leads to messy, inconsistent, or over-complicated codebases.

This is an attempt to present a way of creating React applications using the best tools in the ecosystem with a good project structure that scales very well. It is based on the experience of working with many different codebases, and this architecture turns out to be the most effective one.

The goal of…


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GitHub logo xmrig / xmrig

RandomX, CryptoNight, AstroBWT and Argon2 CPU/GPU miner


Github All Releases GitHub release GitHub Release Date GitHub license GitHub stars GitHub forks

XMRig is a high performance, open source, cross platform RandomX, KawPow, CryptoNight and AstroBWT unified CPU/GPU miner and RandomX benchmark. Official binaries are available for Windows, Linux, macOS and FreeBSD.

Mining backends

  • CPU (x64/ARMv8)
  • OpenCL for AMD GPUs.
  • CUDA for NVIDIA GPUs via external CUDA plugin.



The preferred way to configure the miner is the JSON config file as it is more flexible and human friendly. The command line interface does not cover all features, such as mining profiles for different algorithms. Important options can be changed during runtime without miner restart by editing the config file or executing API calls.

  • Wizard helps you create initial configuration for the miner.
  • Workers helps manage your miners via HTTP API.


  • Default donation 1% (1 minute in 100 minutes) can be increased via option donate-level or disabled in source code.
  • XMR: 48edfHu7V9Z84YzzMa6fUueoELZ9ZRXq9VetWzYGzKt52XU5xvqgzYnDK9URnRoJMk1j8nLwEVsaSWJ4fhdUyZijBGUicoD


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GitHub logo airbnb / javascript

JavaScript Style Guide

Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide() {

A mostly reasonable approach to JavaScript

Note: this guide assumes you are using Babel, and requires that you use babel-preset-airbnb or the equivalent. It also assumes you are installing shims/polyfills in your app, with airbnb-browser-shims or the equivalent.

Downloads Downloads Gitter

This guide is available in other languages too. See Translation

Other Style Guides

Table of Contents

  1. Types
  2. References
  3. Objects
  4. Arrays
  5. Destructuring
  6. Strings
  7. Functions
  8. Arrow Functions
  9. Classes & Constructors
  10. Modules
  11. Iterators and Generators
  12. Properties
  13. Variables
  14. Hoisting
  15. Comparison Operators & Equality
  16. Blocks
  17. Control Statements
  19. Whitespace
  20. Commas
  21. Semicolons
  22. Type Casting & Coercion
  23. Naming Conventions
  24. Accessors
  25. Events
  26. jQuery
  27. ECMAScript 5 Compatibility
  28. ECMAScript 6+ (ES 2015+) Styles
  29. Standard Library
  30. Testing
  31. Performance
  32. Resources
  33. In the Wild
  34. Translation
  35. The JavaScript Style Guide Guide
  36. Chat With Us About JavaScript
  37. Contributors
  38. License
  39. Amendments


  • 1.1 Primitives: When you access a primitive type you work…


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GitHub logo zero205 / JD_tencent_scf




有条(科学)件(上网)的可以 点此加入组织


由于限制TG群内成员提交助力码,请需要互助的 加入组织,回复助力池,获取使用教程



已经创建公开仓库的请点击仓库右上角Setting,拉到页面最下方,点击Change visibility,选择Make private,填入黑体仓库名称进行确认!




  • 有能力用户可以进行尝试,通过任何方法都可以,在空仓库内(保证分支名称为main),按需运行一次 的action即可
  • 第二种:直接clone一个scf2分支(名字需要为main,clone哪个取决于你要用的部署方式)



  • 【青龙】拉取仓库命令:ql repo "jd_|jx_|getJDCookie" "backUp|icon" "^jd[^_]|USER|sendNotify|sign_graphics_validate|JDJR|JDSign" "main"

    • 上面命令拉取错误的使用这个:ql repo "jd_|jx_|getJDCookie" "backUp|icon" "^jd[^_]|USER|sendNotify|sign_graphics_validate|JDJR|JDSign" "main"

  • 腾讯云函数部署建议阅读@hshx123大佬的教程【推荐】.旧教程【备用】

  • elecV2P 部署【随缘维护,建议转战➟Docker 青龙

    • 安装教程:点此查看
    • 订阅任务:
    • elecV2P京东CK、通知填写格式等相关补充说明:点此查看


  • 本仓库发布的Script项目中涉及的任何解锁和解密分析脚本,仅用于测试和学习研究,禁止用于商业用途,不能保证其合法性,准确性,完整性和有效性,请根据情况自行判断.

  • 本项目内所有资源文件,禁止任何公众号、自媒体进行任何形式的转载、发布。

  • lxk0301对任何脚本问题概不负责,包括但不限于由任何脚本错误导致的任何损失或损害.

  • 间接使用脚本的任何用户,包括但不限于建立VPS或在某些行为违反国家/地区法律或相关法规的情况下进行传播, lxk0301 对于由此引起的任何隐私泄漏或其他后果概不负责.

  • 请勿将Script项目的任何内容用于商业或非法目的,否则后果自负.

  • 如果任何单位或个人认为该项目的脚本可能涉嫌侵犯其权利,则应及时通知并提供身份证明,所有权证明,我们将在收到认证文件后删除相关脚本.

  • 任何以任何方式查看此项目的人或直接或间接使用该Script项目的任何脚本的使用者都应仔细阅读此声明。lxk0301 保留随时更改或补充此免责声明的权利。一旦使用并复制了任何相关脚本或Script项目的规则,则视为您已接受此免责声明.






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GitHub logo restic / restic

Fast, secure, efficient backup program

Documentation Build Status Go Report Card


restic is a backup program that is fast, efficient and secure. It supports the three major operating systems (Linux, macOS, Windows) and a few smaller ones (FreeBSD, OpenBSD).

For detailed usage and installation instructions check out the documentation.

You can ask questions in our Discourse forum.

Quick start

Once you've installed restic, start off with creating a repository for your backups:

$ restic init --repo /tmp/backup
enter password for new backend:
enter password again:
created restic backend 085b3c76b9 at /tmp/backup
Please note that knowledge of your password is required to access the repository.
Losing your password means that your data is irrecoverably lost.

and add some data:

$ restic --repo /tmp/backup backup ~/work
enter password for repository
scan [/home/user/work]
scanned 764 directories, 1816 files in 0:00
[0:29] 100.00%  54.732 MiB/s  1.582 GiB / 1.582 GiB  2580 / 2580 items  0 errors  ETA 0:00
duration: 0:29, 54.47MiB/s


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GitHub logo koekeishiya / yabai

A tiling window manager for macOS based on binary space partitioning


Tiling window management for the Mac.

CI Status Badge License Badge Changelog Badge Version Badge



yabai is a window management utility that is designed to work as an extension to the built-in window manager of macOS yabai allows you to control your windows, spaces and displays freely using an intuitive command line interface and optionally set user-defined keyboard shortcuts using  skhd and other third-party software.

The primary function of yabai is tiling window management; automatically modifying your window layout using a binary space partitioning algorithm to allow you to focus on the content of your windows without distractions Additional features of yabai include focus-follows-mouse, disabling animations for switching spaces, creating spaces past the limit of 16 spaces, and much more.

Installation and Configuration

  • The  yabai wiki has both brief and detailed installation instructions for multiple installation methods, and also explains how to uninstall yabai completely.
  • Sample configuration files can be found in the  examples directory…


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GitHub logo fatedier / frp

A fast reverse proxy to help you expose a local server behind a NAT or firewall to the internet.


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GitHub logo sickcodes / Docker-OSX

Run Mac in a Docker! Run near native OSX-KVM in Docker! X11 Forwarding! CI/CD for OS X!

Docker-OSX · Follow @sickcodes on Twitter

Running Mac OS X in a Docker container

Run Mac OS X in Docker with near-native performance! X11 Forwarding! iMessage security research! iPhone USB working! macOS in a Docker container!

Docker-OSX now has a Discord server & Telegram!

The Discord is active on #docker-osx and anyone is welcome to come and ask questions, ideas, etc.

Click to join the Discord server

Click to join the Telegram server

Or reach out via Linkedin if it's private:

Or via


This project is maintained by Sick.Codes. (Twitter)

Additional credits can be found here:

Additionally, comprehensive list of all contributors can be found here:

Big thanks to @kholia for maintaining the upstream project, which Docker-OSX is built on top of: OSX-KVM.

Also special thanks to @thenickdude who maintains the valuable fork KVM-OpenCore, which was started by @Leoyzen!

Extra special thanks to the OpenCore team over…


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GitHub logo sveltejs / svelte

Cybernetically enhanced web apps

Cybernetically enhanced web apps: Svelte

npm version license Chat

What is Svelte?

Svelte is a new way to build web applications. It's a compiler that takes your declarative components and converts them into efficient JavaScript that surgically updates the DOM.

Learn more at the Svelte website, or stop by the Discord chatroom.

Supporting Svelte

Svelte is an MIT-licensed open source project with its ongoing development made possible entirely by fantastic volunteers. If you'd like to support their efforts, please consider:

Funds donated via Open Collective will be used for compensating expenses related to Svelte's development such as hosting costs. If sufficient donations are received, funds may also be used to support Svelte's development more directly.


Pull requests are encouraged and always welcome. Pick an issue and help us out!

To install and work on Svelte locally:

git clone
cd svelte
npm install
Enter fullscreen mode Exit fullscreen mode

Do not use Yarn to install…

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