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Results of #31DaysofNeurodivergence

Wrapping Up 31DaysofNeuroDivergence

A back in September I shared an idea to encourage folks considering a neurodiversity diagnosing. This included a twitter campaign for the month of October under the hashtag #31DaysofNeurodivergence.

I was able to send a message on 31 messages using an automated tweet schedule I built using Azure Storage Queues and Python. The project also inspired a Python package that would make campaigns like this easier in the future!


The #31DaysofNeurodivergence tweets were seen a total of 10,186 times. They received 189 likes and were retweeted 20 times.


I don't have much of a perspective on how good/bad this is. To a marketer, this may not be anything special. And there were a lot of things that I could have spent more time focusing on (like when I tweeted, a better design or color scheme). That said I'm perfectly fine with this result and here is why.

People saw it.

Let's rephrase what this data means. There were 10,186 times that someone had the opportunity to hear someone with a Neurodivergency share their story. 189 times someone resonated with the messages of a stranger and 20 times someone thought "This information is valuable and should be shared with people in my community".

Likes and Retweets

My goal for this was to share a message of encouragement and I certainly did that.

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