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It's October and that means it's #ADHDAwarenessMonth! As I've been mentioning I collected messages of support from folks with a Neurodivergency to give you a message of support if you're newly diagnosed or have been considering seeking a diagnosis.

These messages were collected anonymously. I'll be sending one tweet a day with the following image card and the hashtag #31daysofNeurodivergence.

orange twitter image card

Whether it's ADHD, ASD, Dislexia, Bipolar, or PTSD, or any other Neurodivergence, I hope these messages will be a voice of encouragement for you this month to speak with someone.

About the folks who participated in this.

Folks were asked a bit about their journey with mental health. While this isn't a comprehensive study. It definitely matches that of the experiences I heard from others.

Many of the folks in that filled this out belonged to one or more underrepresented group in their career.

survey results for underrepresented groups

These folks were mostly also diagnosed later in life.

survey results for diagnosis

The majority of folks also didn't speak openly about mental health and a large group of folks were often discouraged from seeking professional help by their culture.

survey results for mental health and family

If you want to want to receive these messages, be sure to follow me on Twitter.

Lastly, a majority of these folks were encouraged after hearing about others with neurodivergencies. That is why we're sharing this information in hopes that we can encourage others.

survey about hearing about mental health from others

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