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Weekly 0062


Holiday in Switzerland

Mood: 🏞️


In the early morning I had a meeting with Marta about Brandplane. We focused especially on investors update and some way to engage better the early adopters in this phase.
We also talked about the chance to create a demo account for Brandplane. I will think about it in the next days.

After that I had a demo with a potential customer.

After a short break I continued to test to a demo application for the customer who has the issue to authenticate with ADAL in an Azure AD with some application restrictions. No results until now.

At lunch I moved in the center of the city to talk with my new CEO for another startup I will join in the next days as CTO.
We talked about some private passions like basketball and football and also something about work.

After lunch I came back to home for working and I wrote and scheduled a blog post about HTTP file inside Visual Studio 2022.

After that I fix a bug on Brandplane and I searched for a list of stop words for our AI tools.
I will fix it later this evening, after dinner.

Mood: 😱


In the morning I started to work on a new feature for Brandplane called AI Writing Studio.
Basically it’s a all-in-one tool for creating content with AI and starts to elaborate it with other tools like grammar corrections, sentiment analysis, tone of voice and other small tools.
It should be one of the best feature that we will have on the product, starting from the next release in 15 days.

I also started to think about a call for Brandplane, (monthly based) with the early adopters to clarifying new features and other way to work with Brandplane.

Mood: πŸ‘‰πŸ»


I published an article about the http file management in Visual Studio 2022.


Mood: ✍🏻


In the morning I finished to organize all my files on OneDrive with the new structure. It was an hard work but I am quite happy about the result.
I also started to write a new article about HangFire and Azure.
I will release the article the next week.

In the meantime I also organized some activities for Brandplane with another developer.
We are working on one of our newest and important features called: AI Writing Studio.
We will release this feature next week!

Mood: 🏞️

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