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Weekly 0019


I started the morning with a new blog post about Auth0 and ASP.NET Core MVC 6 series.
This post is about to create a profile page for the users.,f_auto,fl_progressive,h_420,q_auto,w_1000/

This is the link to the blog post:

It’s not easy to stay focused in these days because of the Long Covid, but I try to do my best.

Today I published the latest part of the posts about Auth0 and ASP.NET Core MVC 6.

I am happy about the final result:

The next month I will talk about Auth0 and Minimal API with permissions and roles.

Mood: 🥱


Not a good day today. I am exhausted because of Long Covid but I tried to do my best.

By the way I tried to manage all the settings in the Azure Key Vault but I had some issues with Azure Credentials and Visual Studio 2022.
I also tried to use JetBrains Rider but I have the same issues.

After dinner I did some tests from my laptop and it works! Maybe it’s a problem of my accounts in my desktop computer or maybe the access policies on the keyvault need a lot of time to propate!
Tomorrow morning I will try again from my desktop computer and let’s see.

Mood: 😪


As I already now, from my desktop PC my authentication to Azure KeyVault didn’t work.
After a lot of investigation I understand the reason why. One year ago I set two or three environment variables and they have the priority on the Visual Studio account! 😪
I removed them and it starts to work again.

In the afternoon I wrote an article on my blog about “Why I chose Auth0 for my startup”.
I will publish it tomorrow in the afternoon.,f_auto,fl_progressive,h_420,q_auto,w_1000/

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This morning I woke up a lit bit later because I was really tired. This Long Covid syndrome is not easy to manage.
By the way I received a new badge from!

Image description

It’s a big achieve because it means that I interact a lot with the community!

In the early morning I published the article I wrote yesterday about Auth0.,f_auto,fl_progressive,h_420,q_auto,w_1000/

The article is here:

I also submitted all my activities to the Auth0 Ambassador program. This month I gained a lot of points. Let’s see if I can become the Ambassador of the Month 🙂

My badges collection:

Image description

Mood: 😪


I started the morning working on Red Origin, again, after a while.
I am working to a specific task: remove all the settings key and put them on Azure Key Vault.

Image description

Mood: 🧑‍💻

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