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Learn IoT from scratch #1

I am studying about IoT, that is a very interesting topic and I am enjoying and having some fun, so I decided to document my progress and share my knowledge about this. I will study multiple topics of IoT and post a weekly summary, containing all the new things I have learned.


In this series I will go through the following topics, in order:

1. What is IoT and how it works?
2. What are microcontrollers and how they work?
3. Computer networks
4. IoT protocols & architecture
5. C/C++ basics for embedded systems
6. Python/JavaScript for data analysis, monitoring devices and web development
7. Best databases for IoT (opinion based)
8. Detailed study of sensors
9. Electronics essentials
10. Network security and encryption
11. Linux-OS
12. Tools, platforms, languages and frameworks for IoT
13. InfluxDB and Grafana
14. MongoDB for IoT
15. MQTT
16. Wifi and Bluetooth
17. GPS systems
18. Final IoT project

So if you have interest in this area, and wants to become a IoT developer, save these articles in your list and follow me in this journey! 😄❤️

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funbeedev profile image

Very interesting series! Looking forward to each of the topics :)

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José Thomaz

tks, saturday I will drop another one, the #4