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Practice what's new in Java

You have read about the new features that have arrived in Java world but didn't have the opportunity to learn them yet? I have a challenge for you.

What's new in Java world

I won't describe what's new in Java world because this article is hard to surpass:

How to practice it?

But reading about what's new is not enough.

Alas, your project at work may be stuck with Java 11 or even Java 8.

In a previous article, I shared the tip that if you want to learn more about a programming language - or here its evolution - you should write unit tests about them.

This is exactly what I've started to do here:

GitHub logo jmfayard / java16-playground

Life is too short for Java 8

If you look in the src/main/test folder, you will find snippets like this one:

public class RecordJava14 {
    record Employee (String name, int age, String department) {

    void createRecord() {
        var patrik = new Employee("Patrick", 36, "Marketing");
        assertThat(patrik.toString()).isEqualTo("Employee[name=Patrick, age=36, department=Marketing]");

        var clone = new Employee("Patrick", 36, "Marketing");

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This gives you a view of the features of modern Java that are already covered:


Your challenge

If you want to learn more about modern Java, I challenge you to pick one of the remaining issues and implement it.

(of course, you can also create a new issue)


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