What are some of the coolest things you've made using *just* HTML or CSS?

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For this week’s episode, we want to know...

What are some of the coolest things you’ve made using just HTML or CSS?

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Do you know you copy pasted nature project from jonas schmedtmann.


It's cheap πŸ˜‚ way way πŸ˜…


That black hole is amazing!

Also I might know where that Travel website came from. πŸ˜‰ Such a fun project!


Love the UX and UI on the travel site


Thank you! I like the fact that the popup close and open was all done with CSS :)


As part of the "100 Days Project Scotland" I've been doing a hundred day challenge to create some new art from only HTML and CSS each day. I'm over a third of the way through and I've learned so much and made some fun things!

The 100 Days Project is about celebrating art and creativity, and I really want to show that developers create art too!

The whole collection is here: Suzanne makes 100 things in CSS

My favourite one so far is actually my washing machine - is that weird πŸ˜‚


Oh my God! This is smth unbelievable for me.


Thank you! If I've learned anything though, it's that you can totally do this too if you like! Turns out most pictures are really just made up of squares and circles 😁


Thank you!! It's been such a process so far - it feels so nice to be just writing html and CSS to flex that creative muscle 😁


There are many things that can be done just with HTML and CSS only. I built a series of games based on the idea of finite state machines. My favorite ones are:

I also wrote an article on DEV on how to draw Homer with HTML and CSS. But the list of Simpson's characters I've drawn in CSS is longer: Bart, Lisa, Sideshow Bob... and many more!

And then there are random things just for fun (everything really), like a set of clocks or a Duracell battery:


those games are not only html and css... are they? no javascript?


Just HTML and CSS, no JavaScript at all.

For some of them I used SCSS to simplify the development process, but then compiled it to plain CSS.


I made a CSS micro-framework

I was studying semantic HTML and architectures with pure css or scss trying to find a good approach or weakness when writing stylesheets for big projects. If i cant or dont want to use CSS in JS, or if my main style must be global (or is a legacy project)

  • Whats the best way to serve the style and its partials to the application?
  • Talking about Global Identity: Should i style with attributes (classes) or import partials on components
  • How to serve a theme to a componentized application? Vars? Classes? Css Props? Imports?
  • Add themes with SASS vars or using CSS vars? This will harm performance?
  • Prefix or not to prefix? How deeply should i prefix?
  • An application base style must be applied with classes, no-classes, should i use style wrappers?

Etc etc...

I was testing that kind of stuff and styling html native elements a then BANG, ok it looks like a micro-framework. No JS, no classes, just [S]CSS, a wrapper div and the HTML :P

Its not something huge or super incredible, but i think it can be useful (and brought me a lot of learning).



Last year I took part in #Codevember and used their prompts to try to make CSS art every day. I sadly didn't finish the challenge but my favorite creation was this Koi Fish. I was actually able to talk about it in a few interviews so that really helped during my job hunting


I think it's pretty darn cool that the comment collapse functionality on DEV is just summary/detail elements.

Kudos to @link2twenty for suggesting that approach way back!

We may circle back and give this more intuitive functionality and/or bells and whistles via JS at some point in the future but this plain HTML way has served us extremely well!


Funny that I started a With Only CSS series just a few weeks ago πŸ˜„. dev.to/kallmanation/building-a-too...

But I think I'm most proud of a linkable tab system I made. Replaced a large, tech-debt filled piece of JavaScript and added features πŸ‘Œ (I guess I should add that to my series πŸ˜…)


I have a couple CSS illustrations:

  1. NES controller
  2. Death-Star illustration

I also created a Markdown -> HTML converter however it mainly uses JS.


I set pointer-events to none and JavaScript devs went crazy because their event listeners wouldn't work anymore.


All the following pens are like 3-4 years old. These may/may not be cool but the title says "coolest things you've made"! 😁

  1. A Rainbow Loader
  2. Reflection effect
  3. A hole (parallax?)
  4. A Dribbble clone that I'm proud of

My whole homepage, stibelman.com is pure HTML and CSS. I have some JavaScript for cleanup and automation of a couple of things, but the rest is CSS.
It's kind of a hobby of mine to try to solve JavaScript solutions in CSS.


"Broken mirror"-ish effect. Js used just to grab the camera... does it count?


1) A beautiful Hamburger Menu Micro-interaction

2) A Login/Signup Page Animation


nothing. html and css alone are almost useless without javascript


I still like my JavaScript-less, auto-forwarding carousel: schepp.dev/posts/css-only-carousel/


How come it hoocks back button to prev slide? :)


Actually, templates.

I am working on this side project. I just used HTML and CSS ( framework )
not a big deal, but is something.

  1. My version of Instagram -
  2. E-commerce templates (inspired by Glossier.com) -
  3. CSS animation (inspired by atom.io) -
  4. Photo filter - codepen.io/Fibonaccifreak/pen/OJLeGNV
  5. CSS parallax - codepen.io/Fibonaccifreak/pen/jowpRP