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What Are the Must-Know Software Architectures?

What are some key software architecture styles that software engineers should be familiar with?

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Sukhpinder Singh

Monolithic Architecture: Think of it as a big, single block of Lego where everything is stuck together. It's simple to build and handle at first but gets harder to change as it grows.

Layered Architecture: Imagine a stack of pancakes. Each pancake is a separate layer (like for showing stuff on the screen, doing calculations, or storing data). It’s organized, but if you want to change the bottom pancake, everything on top has to be carefully removed first.

**Client-Server Architecture: **Picture a restaurant. You (the client) order food, and the kitchen (the server) prepare and serve it. It’s a good way to split work, but if the kitchen gets too many orders, it might get overwhelmed.

Microservices Architecture: Think of a town fair where each booth offers something different (games, food, prizes). Each part works on its own, so you can add more booths or change one without disrupting the others. It's flexible but can be a lot to keep track of.

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA): Imagine a group of businesses in a neighbourhood that all share resources like delivery trucks or storage. They can work together smoothly, but coordinating everything can be tricky.

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Guilherme D. Alves

SOLID. I have been applying it to basically all my projects lately, projects that obviously can't be contained within a single file due to their complexity. I find it nearly impossible to encounter a medium level project where I don't apply SOLID principles.

Applying SOLID principles opens up several options for me in terms of how I proceed, essentially whether it will be developed as a microservice or not.

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Marie Kondo Architecture (MKA) — drop everything unnecessary off, leave only the parts that spark joy🧘‍♀️

Big fan…