S1:E6 - Little-Known Productivity Tools; Big Productivity Gains

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In this episode, we go through our favorite hardware and software that allows us to be the best developers and designers we can be. We invite DEV Principal Software Engineer, Josh Puetz, and DEV Lead Product Designer, Lisa Sy, to talk about their favorite desk setup, organizational, and efficiency tools.

Show Notes

Josh Puetz

Josh Puetz is Principal Software Engineer at DEV

Lisa Sy

Lisa Sy is Lead Product Designer at DEV

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great episode, currently I use notion for a few projects as a knowledge repository, but haven't had the time to learn it in depth. I'll give it a try and use it more often after what you mentioned of using it to organize your weekly tasks and keep on track!


Great episode... I used some tools mentioned here...like Notion, Alfred & Spectacle


Was nice episode. I use gtimelog + task warrior


geat show! whats the song at the end starting at ~41:20?


Alfred(+powerpack) is best investment I have made so far in macOS apps. You get free workflow store with alfred, for numerous productivity tools packal.org/ .


I LOVE Rectangle (rectangleapp.com/) - super Mac window management app!


Can we please get the typo and link fixed for excalidraw.

The second last in the bullet points above. Excalidraw: excalidraw.com/


What's is the best gif recording tool for windows? I use LICEcap but I found here CloudApp.