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Where MonDev tools comes from

Good morning everyone and happy MonDEV!☕

As always I hope to find you well! Here we can feel the almost summer air, spending weekends outdoors and getting ready for a couple of intense weeks of sprints!

But no worries, your morning MonDEV is always here to keep you company!

Today, however, not with a tool, but with some reading suggestions.

In fact, in recent weeks it happened more than once that I was asked where and how I find the tools I publish from time to time, so I thought I'd share with you some of the sources from which I draw the tools I bring to you.

Considering that every week I might see dozens of them and screen many, and keep one or two aside to test for a while before talking about them, but clearly some tools that I discard may fall within a field that interests you, and so you could intercept it from these different points.

So here are some ideas from which you can draw some tools yourselves

  • Full-stack Bulletin: weekly newsletter written by Luciano Mammino where he presents a curated list of interesting articles and tools every week! I highly recommend following it!

  • a tech news aggregation site of various kinds. It allows you to receive a weekly email tailored to your interests and often tells about different tools

  • A browser extension that presents you with a homepage of articles for developers every time you open a new tab: you can also find various tools here, generally aimed at the languages and preferences you choose

  • where I also publish this newsletter, is full of articles and often curated collections of various tools. Just take a quick ten-minute tour to discover at least one new tool

Last but not least, Github Getting used to using a bit the "social" functions of our favorite code sharing platform, maybe following colleagues' accounts and giving stars to the repos we prefer, interesting suggestions start to appear on repos to peek at.

Obviously, I always browse here and there among the various social channels and videos, but in that case there is no direct advice I can give other than browsing around.

Let's meet up

If you want to discuss together your favorite tools and spend a day together dedicated to development, I remind you that on June 8th I will be waiting for you in Cesena together with Giuppi, Gianluca Lomarco and Leonardo Montini!
You can find all the info about the event on this page, during the week you will also find the complete program on our respective channels, but there will be fun and the event is completely free!

That's all for today, I hope you find this list of ideas interesting given the various requests I had received!
I will continue to select and test for you the most interesting tools I can find and I will bring them back to you every week!

So I just have to say goodbye and wish you

Happy Coding 0_1

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